Express: "The Smiths split ‘bruised me emotionally, it turned to s*** with Morrissey’ – Johnny Marr" via Uncut Magazine (January 13, 2022)


By George Simpson.

"JOHNNY MARR has been brutally honest about his painful memories from The Smiths break-up and shared how he talks to everyone from his incredible career except for Morrissey."


Speaking in a new interview with Uncut, the 58-year-old said: “[The Smiths are] one of the things I’m proudest of. One of the things that I must be proud about – not only myself but the whole group, because that was our MO. Whatever s*** was going on, nothing got in the way of what was coming out of speakers – and there’s a lot to get in the way.

“It’s a simplistic way of putting it, but one of the reasons I’ve been in so many bands was because I wanted to be loyal to them. It won’t come as any surprise when I say that I’m really close with everyone I’ve worked with – except for the obvious one. And that isn’t that much of a surprise because we’re so different, me and Morrissey. But all of these different musicians, I can pick up the phone to anyone, and just pick up from where we left off.

“Everyone I’ve worked with has been great. The only thing that turned to s*** was The Smiths. Which is a shame, but s*** happens. I hate talking about the group I formed in those terms, the group I loved. But, y’know, let’s get some perspective.”

This story was picked up from March's Uncut Magazine interview - here in full:













(* page 94 was adverts - omitted)

Note: the Express article appeared prior to having access to the Uncut article - so, the 'media item' became the thread title.
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Lol, I don’t care whether he is for or against the views of the Spectator and as you can see from the exposure he is getting in magazines and on major radio stations, the column he wrote has had no negative impact on his career whatsoever.
Hmmm the actual music might though...Whatever happened to Toploader?




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How refreshing it is to see Johnny acknowledging that this "standoff" upsets him, rather than just glossing over it by praising everyone else.

It's about time. He sounds so hurt, angry and disappointed - whilst also encouraging Moz to pick up the phone. Come on lads, life is too short for this bitterness to be the closing chapter.

Ketamine Sun

Lol, I don’t care whether he is for or against the views of the Spectator

You wouldn’t have initially attacked my first post, so it’s obvious you care very very much, as you should. I’m sure you’re not the only Marr fan that’s baffled by Marr’s decision to contribute to The Spectator.

Unlike Uncleskinny, at least you can separate the art from the artist and seem to have accepted that Marr
is not totally against the views propagated by The Spectator.


I got the impression that Marr and Morrissey had sorted out any issues they had together as I remember one of them saying that they emailed and met up, but it had been a number of years since (I may have got that wrong).

I'm not sure why Marr speaks with a sharp tongue as Morrissey only seems to say nice things about Marr even though he blames Marr for the Smiths' split. I guess it's just commonplace now for people to throw Morrissey under the bus. It's not surprising that the Express has used an unflattering picture of Morrissey, an image that says 'bad guy'.

Personally I find it a shame that Morrissey finds it just more useful to keep schtum and let the dust settle. But probably now more than other Morrissey words would be very much needed.

If Sam or anyone within Morrissey's circle are reading this, perhaps a short documentary on how the band work together and how they write a song with Morrissey. Anything really. I miss him.
If I'm tired of asking Moz for movement, he's very stopped, he needs to expand to move, I don't know why Johnny comes out with this... maybe a wake-up call... but he's sure he wants Moz!! It is mutual when two people come together to generate so much is because there is a lot of involvement, these two together were unstoppable

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Shut up Oregon Son. California Son hated being in some crappy Brit Pop bank like the Smiths. The worse 2 years of his life, but he realized how much he could use the Oregon Son and the rest of the Smiths to keep duping the wackos here at age 61 while he is out shootin' hoops with Flea and eating veggie pizza and potato tacos in LA. You people here are so lost.


rip roaring,free scoring,never boring, celtic.
and this is the reason a reunion will never take place,thank f u c k for that.
he talks to everyone from his musical career except M,he is more or less telling the world that M is a terrible person and yet johnboy cant stop talking about this terrible person.
how many times has M been derogatory to marr in the last 5 to 10 years,cant recall too many or even any at all.
like son like father.

A scanty bit of thing

I only have eyes for youuuuuu, Aztec!
I only read the excerpt. What a denigrating comment. Falls into the category of “you don’t have to say every single thing you think, and will definitely be in your favor if you don’t”

You can go call everyone else you’ve worked with Johnny because they’re still hoping they’ve caught King Midas by the foot, and they still want to see what else you can do for them.


You're in for a long wait. The answer that will eventually come back is that he did an interview with a publication once and therefore must support it's principles. That's what she will say. Which of course is complete cobblers. But that's what she'll say.
Do you know what flip flops are ?


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And....I was right. As usual.
God. You’re a f!cking narcissistic prick.
“As usual”? When was the last time you wee ever right?
Who even says that?🙄 You’re insufferable.

Remember, you’ve been identified as a nuisance by many. Go and ring BBC Leeds and try and get your voice heard there. In fact no, ring Beswick on BBC MCR at 10pm. He’d love you.
johnny marr
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