Exclusive Morten Harket (A-ha) concert for German Amazon clients

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On June 10th, Morten Harket, the enigmatic front man of Norway's most successful export product A-ha, will be playing an exclusive concert in the Atomic Café in Munich (Germany) to promote his brand new solo CD "Letter from Egypt", out via Polydor (Universal) on May 30th. The public will consist of 300 people which will all be winners of a contest on Amazon.de. If you want to be one of the 300 lucky winners, head right here to sign up for the contest which runs until the 3rd of June and to get hold of the album as well. Out since May 16th is Harket's newest single "Darkspace (You'Re With Me)".


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Morten Harket at the Royal Albert Hall on the 24th of may 2008.
He was a lot better than what I expected.


So you were at the RAH Moz'art girl ?
With the releases of their solo projects, some concerts in London and Oslo has been organized : each a-ha member playing as solo artist and finally playing together in the end some a-ha's songs (including some new ones). Many fans came from all the world for the event.
About the solo material, I have never been a fan of what Morten does. I prefer Paul and his band Savoy. And Magne's solo material is interesting too. He is also better and better as singer.

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Yes, I was there and I did not regret any minute of it!:guitar:
It was brilliant, and I really liked the guys solo! Magne surprised me a lot: he sang really well, and had a lot of energy. I liked Savoy a lot too, but Pual s'voice was a bit strange. Morten was great. He should play the guitar at the a-ha gigs too, he would look more serious. I really liked Savoy, but strangely, these are Magne and Morten that have let the biggest impression on me. Maybe because I did not expect them to be so good.
Before a-ha went on stage, I ran towards the stage, so I was very close to the guys, that was fantastic. Train of Thought was fantastic, and that was so exciting to hear the 2 new songs from the forthcoming album! It was very awesome, especially as the 1st song is very uptempo, which I was not used anymore with them!!!:horny:
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I don't know how old he is but he seems almost ageless!

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He was born the same year as your beloved Mozzie!:cool:

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You are welcome.:)
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