Exclusive Morrissey interview - Fiona Dodwell via Music-News.com (27 May, 2019)

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If only they were. That would make it slightly interesting.
I used to look forward to reading M interviews, now it’s a disappointment. All the answers you could guess yourself (and all the questions).
All so censored and limited. Why bother?
A good interviewer should set the scene and provide some background to how the interview came about. Boring, boring.
At least ask the Simon Armitage question!!
This reveals nothing about M now. He is a closed shop.
And I still have no idea who Fiona Dodwell is...
I’m not sure she does and I’m pretty certain that M and FD have never breathed the same air.
The analogue Moz is now digital..,,,no sitting on the lawn with Stuart Maconie. Those days are buried under the Apple tree.
If he sat on the lawn with Stuart Maconie, there would be a dozen gobshites recording their every move to be analysed ad nauseum on the world wide Web. Digital character assassination, which is then picked up by MSM would account for Morrissey's reluctance to take a chance on anyone other than someone like fiona Dodwell.
Imagine the younger Morrissey in this time line, he'd be picked apart in a feeding frenzy. Even in the 80s he got tired of the same questions and speculation about his celibacy and sexuality. Every loon with a twitter/Instagram account has an opinion not worth hearing.
Where’s the extensive one
I’d love to hear you explain why I’m the problem. Fiona is a limp, ass-kissing Morrissey apologist who has found herself on the payroll for pitching him completely uninteresting softballs. Who on earth could find that interesting?
Could any interview be more mediocre.
he can only dream of 7 nights in Berlin.
people on here said the same thing about broadway.7 nights and 1.88 million dollars later,what about 7 nights on the moon.
[QUOTE = "Anonymous, post: 1987179195"] "Wir haben ein neues Studioalbum aufgenommen, aber wann es veröffentlicht wird, hängt davon ab, wie viel Freiraum California Son zur Verfügung steht. Also könnte alles passieren ... und alles passiert normalerweise. Es ist Ein Album mit 12 Original-Songs, also in gewisser Weise die Fortsetzung von Low In High School. Wir haben es wieder in Frankreich aufgenommen und es ist fantastisch. Ich würde mir eine Veröffentlichung im Januar vorstellen, aber es macht mir nichts aus, wenn es ist später."

Januar! Verdammter Januar! Ich kann nicht bis Januar warten!

I feel the same
People died., 9000 germa s and 4500 allies with at leat another 5000 casualties.
"you can't blame me, after all,
I'm just honour mad, cannon fodder......"

Yes I guess it’s because he’s an opponent of wars in general... I remember to this:

Morrissey: This is the Churchill suite. The things you end up doing for television. It isn't normal, is it? I mean, how many people did he send to their deaths?

But he referred to Gallipoli Campaign in that case... I guess.
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Sad, but true. Morrissey is too much of a coward to do in-person interviews anymore and the bottom line is that an email interview is just rarely ever insightful or interesting. Add to this that Fiona Dodwell is an atrocious writer with nothing to offer but two-dimensional softball questions and you have the state of M’s engagement with media in 2019.
lets face it some of the usual suspects on here were salivating in anticipation of a for Britain question being rolled out.sorry to disappoint,especially skinflint with his big crystal balls.
She could of asked which parts of the For Britain manifesto appealed to him most, and is it purely the animal rights side? Maybe she did?
Good interview. I would love to get a look at his music lists he compiled and I am glad to hear we might have a new record on our hands soon
Good interview?? You serious?
This is (or was) a man who loved the battle of words with intelligent interviewers and the chance to out-wit sloppy journalists. At 60 he should be at the height of his powers as a writer and his use of words and wit should be razor sharp. How can he continue in this mediocre mode of just getting by. All his literary heroes must be spinning in their tombs. Why read all those books, watch all those films, listen to all that music, travel to all those countries, meet all those fascinating people and then have nothing to say. It beggars belief.
With such a platform M could do so much real good in the world and yet we find he has never progressed beyond being 13 stuck in a box bedroom in Stretford. Give me strength.
He needs a good old northern kick up the backside.
Yes I guess it’s because he’s an opponent of wars in general... I remember to this:

Morrissey: This is the Churchill suite. The things you end up doing for television. It isn't normal, is it? I mean, how many people did he send to their deaths?

But he referred to Gallipoli Campaign in that case... I guess.
"war does not determine who is right, only who is left". Bertrand Russell.
Not a bad interview at all. I wish Moz would be slightly less self obsessed. School didn't destroy his life. It did destroy other kids life. His constant exaggeration is becoming tedious. He is a multi millionaire pop star idolised by many, but is not the center of the universe. I do agree that his vocal on It's Over is his best in years.
There's a new Morrissey interview he's done with Fiona Dodwell on a music website.
It's her just doing the usual clap trap she should of asked if he wore that badge because he liked it as a badge or he believed in their political agenda. Myself I believe it's a form of autism with Moz he just doesn't consider the over all consequence Seatsika anyone.

Related item:
LIHS part 2 ? He says, as he would, that ‘it’s fantastic’ I wonder if it was recorded before or after the CSon sessions? Anyone know? If Brow of my beloved or I thought you were dead point to any direction the album might take, then it could be interesting. Was just hoping that after the band had to immerse themselves in these covers of great songs that they would influence their compositions for the next album of original material.

Guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

My guess s that the new album has been recorded in France in February of this, around the time when the poster "the wall is still there" showed up. Jesse was spotted n France around the same time, but there was no further evidence of other band members being there, so who knows? Maybe it is just him and Jesse !!! Morrissey solo-ers would love this.
fiona dodwell
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