Exclusive! Morrissey & Farage: the flirty faxes found! (The Quietus)

Some not very amusing satire from The Quietus.

EXCLUSIVE! Morrissey & Farage: The Flirty Faxes Found! - The Quietus
By David Stubbs

In the wake of Morrissey's declaration that he had toyed with voting UKIP, tQ's David Stubbs chanced upon a discarded stash of recent correspondence between the one-time Smiths singer and Nigel Farage outside the party's HQ. The exchange covered Morrissey lending his support to the party, British currency, Coronation Street, the Royals and farm animals
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I am not sure that is him in the letters. It's just is a bit off. They are written well but something doesn't feel like Morrissey.

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