Exclaim.ca: TCU Place, Saskatoon - date brought forward to 22nd of October

Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, Oct 17, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Oct 17, 2019 at 8:57 PM
  1. Famous when dead

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Discussion in 'Tour' started by Famous when dead, Oct 17, 2019.

    1. rivum
      while we're speaking of this, is "whinge" just the british version of the north american word "whine"?
      how is it pronounced?
      something i've always wondered...
    2. Anonymous
      In that case it's either gonna get cancelled or there's gonna be a shit load of free tickets to be had :popcorn:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    3. Anonymous
      It's pronounced S K I N N Y
    4. Anonymous
      Answering yourself again. Third ption, it will sell out.
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    5. SuedeMoz
      Playing the Hollywood Bowl seems to be an ego-driven decision for Morrissey. For fans, unless you have close seats it's not a good venue to see him. Agreed that The Greek would have been a better choice for this show.
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    6. sweetness522
      I'd have to agree about it not being the best place to see him. But at least they do have the video screens if you are far back. I saw him in Forest Hills and for those folks sitting far back there were no video screens, so they basically saw nothing and it is not a small venue (15,000). But if you are going for the history of the Bowl, excitement, and beautiful setting then it worth it.

    7. Alexi
      FFC1D529-415A-49A6-B0D8-25BD2776F632.jpeg Reschedule date....
    8. Anonymous
      Moz did not have his performance shown on the screens of the Hollywood Bowl the last two times he played there. The various stage backdrops were shown on the screens.
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    9. Tom
      I've been to several and they've been quite full. However, this middle of nowhere venue was an odd choice. Morrissey can still sell out venues, that's not an issue. He needs a decent booker/promoter though. Everything he's done in recent years has been on an embarrassingly amateur level.
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    10. SuedeMoz
      I love the Hollywood Bowl and have seen many shows there (concerts and the summer events). Unfortunately, when Morrissey plays there he is not on the screens. The images from his backdrop are. I have no idea why this is the case.
    11. sweetness522
      Last time I was up front and didn't see the screens, so thanks for letting me know.

    12. MoneyChangesEverything
      "Are you travelling for this show? Have you made arrangements? Booked flights, time off work, child-sitters, hotels? Fuck you, fans."
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    13. Anonymous
      Happy to hear that your spell-check works from deep in Melvis' bowel, son. Keep living the good life up there. Pay no mind to those above your pay-grade. Your loss of individiduality isn't lost on me.

      You give your ALL here, everyday. It's outstanding.

      I'll certainly keep you in mind when our HR department is seeking new half-wits in clown shoes. :)
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    14. Anonymous
      Smart. Nobody wants to see a pithy, pitchy, washed-up crooner spit "poor me" for an hour.

      Come to think of it, nobody wants to see any of this. THAT's why tickets are unsold, even at $9.

      Spend the extra $1. Get a street-whore to bang you with a strap-on. At the very least, you might get a reach-around - which is more than you'll get from bitter grandpa Melvis and his cut-rate, rural carnival band. ;)
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    15. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444


      isnt the skinny pseud ashamed to bringing up the coloured dots AGAIN?
      when the gig comes its going to be jam packed as all other shows.

      those cuckers, cure and depeche mode sold out 0 shows.:lbf:
      tickets were being given away and none sold out.

      Meanwhile all Moz shows were sold with huge crowds.:rock:

      look at the tiny gigs with nobody attending by the likes of:handpointright::guardsman::handpointleft:
      and AlainT
      they cant even afford coloured dots the tiny almost invisible places the play.
      pizza parlor and beer joints.:rage:

      always trailing behind Moz.:smile:
    16. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444
      Skinny and his pseuds dont have to be on topic.:straightface:
      they are exempt from that requirement. :lbf:
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    17. Anonymous
      This is the third time I've now had to rebook my hotel reservation for the Saskatoon show. Honestly, I was expecting this to happen. I still think he'll end up cancelling the day of the concert once he sees how empty the venue is because of the low ticket sales.
    18. Anonymous
      Everything he does is ego driven. He goes where ever his ego can be massaged. Awfully, most of the twitter Instagram photos that folks think are so cool are taken and posted by those sycophants who make his list. It's all carefully curated to make him look like a superstar. Low ticket sales, he cancels. Everywhere.Everywhere. Everywhere. His face is in your face, but not naturally or kindley. Rather, despotically engineered and more folk are slowly, slowly beginning to see through the fakery.
    19. SuedeMoz
      Yep. So the sound will be good but you won't see much unless you're close to the stage. Is it some extra charge to show live footage of the show on the screens or something? I don't get why he doesn't do it.

      Saw Depeche Mode there a couple of years ago - didn't have the greatest seats but it was still fun thanks to the screens and the excellent sound.
    20. Anonymous
      Once again no reason is provided to fans. An all too familiar story. Morrissey is a disgrace. Fans have been incovenienced by this latest on-tour hissy fit. He should just stop touring for good. He's shite at it.
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