Everyone says they remember where they were when 9/11 happened, and when Michael Jackson died. Where were you?

For 9/11 I was at work. The time difference means the first plane hit around lunchtime. In those days there wasn't much in the way of online news streams but we managed to find one so watched it during the afternoon, then went home and carried on watching it there.
All I remember about Michael Jackson is that a colleague had bought six tickets for one of his London gigs and sold four of them for an enormous profit on eBay. She was very pissed off that she had to refund the buyers.
9/11...I came home from school in the afternoon and saw my mother just crying and crying at the news coverage. I don't think I'd ever seen her cry before that day. Took a while to sink in.

Michael Jackson... I was on holiday in Portugal, celebrating my birthday, a bit drunk. The story kept switching between 'he's in a coma' to 'he's dead' and nobody really knew what to believe. All the Brits in the bar seemed to congregate into 1 group and talk about it, arguing about the paedophile rumours and how much blame should fall on Joe Jackson for how Michael turned out.
I was driving home from Southampton on 9/11 and heard about the first crash on the radio, my initial thought was christ what an awful accident, when the 2nd one happened I didn't know what to think.

I only found about about Michael Jackson the following morning when my wife shouted to me upstairs that Michael Jackson had died.
9/11 I was in NYC, working in an office in midtown. Genuinely terrifying, the whole day.

Can't remember a single thing about Michael Jackson dying - which is sad.
9/11 I had just come home from school and was about to start watching a rerun of Star Trek TNG when I saw on the news what was going on.

I have no idea what I was doing when Michael Jackson died but I remember that I was visiting my father when the memorial service was broadcast and that we watched it together with a friend of his, which was really weird.
I had spent the night with a girl and woke up alone after she had gone to work so I turned on the tv and there was the news as it had just happened

no idea about micheal Jackson. Probably some headline read while standing in the line at a grocery store or something
9/11 : in court.

When MJ died: have no idea, don't even know when it happened though I enjoy some his songs.

all "the brits seemed to congregate into a singalong":straightface:
wonder who go the ball rolling?:lbf:
What a c***.

I bet you two are the types who always want to be the first to announce a celebrity's death.
Your hero Douglas Murray hates Michael Jackson. You are not a true genuine Michael Jackson fan or Morrissey fan. Nobody knows if you are male of female. You are an enigma.
Your hero Douglas Murray hates Michael Jackson. You are not a true genuine Michael Jackson fan or Morrissey fan. Nobody knows if you are male of female. You are an enigma.
She's 100% female. I've met her in the physical world.
well maybe not 100%. gender is a spectrum, dont you know?! :p

but seriously, that anon is so weird :lbf:
Douglas Murray has a Twitter account. Last year 2019 Douglas Murray said on his Twitter page that he believes the false allegations about Michael Jackson. No true Michael Jackson fan would support someone who believes that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I believe that Michael Jackson is 100% innocent he was set up. Michael Jackson died 11 years ago and still they are trying to ruin him and his good name. Last year there was a whole campaign on Twitter to try and "mute" Michael Jackson and "cancel" Michael Jackson it didn't work and people still listen to and buy his music. Douglas Murray was part of that campaign so was that guy from 'InfoWars'. Thankfully, the truth is starting to come out now about Wade Robson, James ('Jimmy') Safechuck and Martin Bashir.

I lost respect for you when you said all that horrible stuff about Morrissey and his beloved mother Betty who died. It was beyond insensitive it was cruel. You didn't care about Dude the cats death. You don't care about people who have had Coronavirus and got seriously ill with it and died. You don't care about people with Long Covid. You can't see beyond yourself your own needs and life experience. You lack empathy and compassion for others. No true Morrissey fan would say such things.
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