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I think everyone agrees that Matt Walker is a fantastic drummer. He's a great addition and I hope he sticks around. As for Solomon Walker, I can't say much. Which is about the same I could say about Gary Day, so no problems in that area. Boz Boorer is of course everlasting and I am very glad that he has remained and hope that he always will. Mikey Farrel I think is a fantastic addition. He adds so much to songs like "First of the Gang to Die," "Life is a Pigsty," "Everyday is Like Sunday," etc., and it's obvious that Moz loves him. I suppose Jesse Tobias is the big variable then. I have to say, seeing him live, I was pretty impressed.

What say you?


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I miss the old guard. Solomon seemed robotic although he did his job well. Jesse on the other hand was an animal. He certainly brought an edginess to the sound and it was amusing to hear the minor changes in the riffs as the tour progressd.


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I dont know the names of the newer guys, but I thought they all played really fantastic. They are all really amazing musicians, I love what they keyboard player does at the end of life is a pigsty, and the younger guitar player really gets into it.


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I like the newer guys, I have no probs with the old ones. I felt like it was a little more rock this time around, eh? I prefer it that way.


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[...] Mikey Farrel I think is a fantastic addition. He adds so much to songs like "First of the Gang to Die," "Life is a Pigsty," [...]

What say you?
well, he couldn't have taken anything away from them; there's nothing to take.

I miss the old guard
me too. bring back andy rourke and vini reilly.


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It would be nice to see Jesse use some of his other guitars on the next album. The one he used during most of the Smiths numbers.


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I thought the band was great, yeah I missed the old guys as well but jsut so happy that he toured the US at all. Mike Farrell is amazing, he needs to stay on.

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Judging by the all the tour reports, there have been a lot of positive notices of the bands' playing -- I actually can't recall such uniform praise any time during the solo years.

Doesn't mean I prefer the Solomon and Jesse over Gary and Alain, but everything has seemed to click with this lineup. Matt Walker is a really strong drummer -- best since Spensah, i think. Mikey's keyboards and other contributions really add to the sound -- hard to believe there was nobody filling that duty up until him. Wonder why...
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when i saw Moz live a month or more ago i found nothing too impressive about Jesse. No better or worse than Alain. I did notice however how his guitar sound wasn't up high enough. and I was in front so it should have been easier to hear!
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I have not been on the US tour. So, I can speak a little about the previous band.
I have been impressed by the way Matt drums...It is pretty energetic...and maybe ...erotic:p.:rolleyes:I like Mikey too (especially his solos at the piano ; and I like it when he plays his accordion too! And trumpet, guitars, and so on and so on!!!) .
The guitars were quite nice too.
I think we have very experimented musicians here.:cool:The singer must be good to suit them!:)
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you know i watched some of the shows quite stoned and i gotta say the band are really tight i mean not as tight as mike farrells trousers but tight nonetheless!!!


It's a great band. Mikey has to be singled out a little bit for playing so many instruments, though Boz does know how to rock a water glass. Missing old members is natural, but I thought they sounded great, and there is certainly no weak link. The band deserves a massive round of applause.
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