Eurovision - The Times on Morrissey


Hi all,

This was in The Times newspaper four days ago:

Heaven knows...
Let’s revisit that idea that has surfaced now and again, that Morrissey could do it. Because heaven knows we’re miserable now. He’s apparently showed willing in the past, but not wanted to compete in a national selection process - and who can blame him, given that past competitors have included Katie Price, in a pink skin tight catsuit, resembling a late-night Teletubby. If Morrissey the acclaimed singer, songwriter and misery guts won’t do it, how about we get Morrissey, Russell Brand’s cat? It can’t get any worse, and it might wee on the upholstery and say something sweary.

The article itself is paywalled but for those of you who subscribe here's the link -
As my friend joked on Russia and The UK performances this year,"Maybe a few years later Morrissey will decide that he's old enough to participate." Who knows. :o
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