Eurovision song contest

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What's it all about these days?
Really think we should give up in Ireland and the UK. Waste of time and money.
It's really turned into a mess. Your thoughts please....


It's crap nowadays and without Terry Wogan is even crapper.

I remember my profound love for Johnny Logan with happiness.:rolleyes:
It just won't be the same without Terry.

We've tried too hard this year. We should just f*** off out of it and take our money with us! Let all the buddy countries finance themselves...

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Germany should be good:
Dita Von Teese is dancing!


Germany should be good:
Dita Von Teese is dancing!

thts the onyl good thing about it..the song is absolute crap:barf:
yesterday they showed the semifinal

i did zapped through the channels yesterday and did catch the short clips they showed before people couldvote... thank god .. more than a few seconds are not bearable..the 7 seconds of estonia( if i remember correctly):a serious dark haired woman was not as horrible as the rest...esp cause she wasnt singing in this highpitched style..
his time they have a also the consideration of the jury (beside the votes from th countries since often neighbouring countries do tend to vote for each other i.e the several ones from eastern europe for example
or scandinavia etc...
havent heard the israel song but it was in the news
Achinoam Nini, a popular Jewish Israeli singer and peace activist, often known just as Noa, will sing a duet with Mira Awad, a well-known Arab Israeli singer and actor
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The Czech Republic must win. Belarus has Petr Elfimov, which isn't good and I won't support them. The song about super gypsies must win!!!
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