"Episode 259 - Clive Langer" - The Hustle Podcast (April 22, 2020)

Famous when dead


"Once again, we're joined by a fantastic producer that's behind tons of music we all love. Clive Langer started out fronting the crucial Liverpool band, Deaf School in the 70s. While they never made it global, they were a really big deal locally. Soon, Clive with his musical partner Alan Winstanley "fell into" producing the first singles by Madness (he's produced almost everything Madness has ever done) and it was off to the races. Artists like Teardrop Explodes, Elvis Costello, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Bush, Morrissey, They Might Be Giants, Hothouse Flowers and David Bowie all followed. We hear about all of these, including the creation of "Come On Eileen", how he wrote "Shipbuilding" for Robert Wyatt and, of course, the manic flurry around recording "Dancing in the Streets" with Bowie and Mick Jagger. More recently, Clive formed a new band called the Clang Group, which we also discuss. SO much great music in this one, the guy's a legend!"

Lots of discussion with brief music clips.
I've not had time to screen this for Morrissey content, but he's an extremely interesting and formative name in the music industry and you probably won't be wasting the 2 hours this requires.
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If anyone would like this as an audio file to listen to at leisure - do say.
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