Enya turns 60...some comparison to Morrissey

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article from: https://rockandrollglobe.com/irish/the-garbo-of-pop-enya-at-60/

The comparison (though not stated in the article, just my opinion):
"Question posed to Enya: Has there ever been a story or review written about her that has not contained the word “ethereal”?
“That I couldn’t answer,” she demurs, with a slight laugh. (Reasonable guess: No.) “But the British tabloids can be quite mean to me.”
Mean to Enya? It’s hard to imagine. Punks like her. Classical music fans like her. Her music knows no cultural boundaries. And everyone uses the E-word: Enya and ethereal were made for each other.
So why the meanness in the United Kingdom?
It likely came about, Enya suggests, because of that Garbo mindset: She just hasn’t any use for pop-celebrity culture and has never gotten involved in heinous personal scandal....
...No nightclubbing? No hanging with other famous people?
“I was never drawn to that lifestyle,” she says. “I always liked to go with what I wanted to do. I’ve been able to retain that. I feel lucky that I can do that. The problem I had with the British tabloids to begin with was [them saying] `You weren’t so open with your private life. We don’t want to know about the music — what about you?’ If you be honest and say, `I need time to myself,’ they say, `She sits in silence; she’s weird.’ What’s weird about having time to yourself?”"
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