Morrissey Central "ENNIO MORRICONE" / "MORRICONE & MORRISSEY IN ROMA" (July 6, 2020)


"Ennio Morricone, the exalted and revered Italian composer, has died aged 91 in Rome. Morricone and his orchestra played on Morrissey's album "Ringleader Of The Tormentors"."


"I was aware that Morricone had said no to U2, no to David Bowie, and no to Robbie Williams, so I was thrilled when he said Yes to me. His contributions to my 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors' album are, naturally, completely dismissed by the jargon jugglers, but they burst and thrive in my heart forever. In reflection of the happiest days imaginable, I say the temporary parting of ar'ri've'der'ci to he who gave all to the greatness of Italia."

6 July 2020


UPDATE July 7:

Link posted by joe frady:


Our thanks to Alice Gahan.

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The Courage to Get on People's Tits
The randomness of the parts that were removed baffles me. "Every minute has the high drama of first love" was acceptable, but "cries of intolerable struggle" caused by .... "being dwelt in"... *cough* was not?


The Courage to Get on People's Tits
Tbf that second one does sound like it was on the way to being one of Dale's late night posts.
Nah, I think it's clear as day.

Meat Is Delicious

Oh Steve, it’s not always about you. Sometimes other people die too. Sometimes. Raise a toast of a dairy milk to the maestro.

Oh my

Enough! or Too much
A lot of people are angry by the fact that he said no to U2, no to David Bowie, and no to Robbie Williams... but he said yes to Morrissey.

If you don't like it that way, move to an alternate reality in which he said yes to U2, yes to Bowie, yes to Robbie... and no to Morrissey.

Meanwhile, I am staying here!

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
Ennio Morricone on his work with Pier Paolo Pasolini, a disheartened man ~




joe frady

Vile Refusenik
Just had a quick check of the audiobook and David M. does indeed read the snipped version; no I became we, bathtime tea, lover brothers, black Saab adventures or Dublin Doctors. And cut from the British Flag pub too. Shame.

Some of the omissions are very neat though, such as when he's describing the hell hot house on Delresto. Jake's acerbic presence there is excised completely, and to cover for that each 'we' and 'us' in the following Arnold Stiefel house episode is changed to 'I' and 'me'. And yet a short while later, Jake does reappear, for his exit, amidst Alan bennet at the kitchen table.

í can't lay my hands on one of the pile of 'Modern Classics' í ended up buying, so can't say what's what in that.

ps ~ David M does the worst Bennett impression. Sounds more like Frank Gallagher...


Apropos of everything ~ the 'Modern Classics' ed of "Autobiography" is in deed the snipped variant.

So, basically, if you want the full SP on í & we, Etc., you get it in the 'Penguin Classics' edition.


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