Ennio Morricone: “Morrissey? No, I can’t remember him…” - Uncut.co.uk

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    Ennio Morricone: “Morrissey? No, I can’t remember him…” - Uncut.co.uk


    Having composed over 500 film soundtracks, and countless other songs or arrangements, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the sprightly 86-year-old can’t remember every artist he’s worked with – including Morrissey, who asked Morricone to arrange the strings on his track “Dear God Please Help Me”, from 2006’s Ringleader Of The Tormentors.

    “Morrissey?” says Morricone, when asked about him. “No, I can’t remember him."

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    1. MozRecording
      One of the greatest film composers ever. Love his music.
    2. ACTON
      Isn't that a very hurtful article to be publishing as a main page story on a site that started out as a 'fan site'? It's no wonder Morrissey hates this place.
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    3. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I don't think they ever met did they? I have trouble remembering meeting people that I never met too!
    4. CrystalGeezer
    5. Anonymous
      A lot of older people just don't get him. Even many people his own age don't.
    6. evennow
      As Morricone continued to ponder the question, you could hear him humming the tune "Who's That Guy?" from the incredible film soundtrack of Grease 2.
    7. Anonymous
      pheew, grease 2. for a bad squeal that was a bad song. thats the fantasy one with all the glitter right. well whichever song that was it was pretty bad
    8. Bluebirds
      According to Morrissey's autobiography they did. And he blanked Tony Visconti at the same time.

      Also Morrissey once claimed he was going to sing live at Carnegie or Radio City Hall... With the full Ennio orchestra.

      And apologies if someone finds this derogatory to Morrissey but Ennio Morricone is arguably one of the true living great composers.
    9. evennow
      Well....very true. The sequel was still based on them being in high school, but now it is the guy who comes from Australia (or England) instead of the girl. Grease 2 falls in the it's so bad it's good camp. Give it another watch...you might just change your mind...and buy the soundtrack :D or not :sick:

    10. Kewpie
      You haven't seen this?

      Page 3 #42 link is still available.
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    11. Anonymous
      oh ive seen it a bajillion times but even as a kid there was one song that was just way to out there even for a kid watching grease 2. youre right though it is good camp. like when the guy on the bike, yeah now theyre on bikes, just drives at the police car outside of the bowling alley and somehow jumps the car. didnt even drive with a wheelie at it for show, just goes right over it. the song i really liked though is the one where the guy had the girl in the bomb shelter and the one the t-birds do for the talent show. that was good
    12. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      Me memory isn't what it was! I thought I'd read somewhere in autobiography that they hadn't but Bluebirds has quashed that one too.
    13. Cornflakes
      Just a personal hunch, but I reckon he remembers Morrissey perfectly well. He just doesn't want to get onto the subject of the time he did a string arrangement for a pop record and only about a tenth of it ended up getting used. Understandable.
    14. marred
      He also may not remember what he had for breakfast yesterday.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      Shots fired.
    16. Anonymouswithapologies
      1. this
      2. maybe this is sign of mild dementia
      3. never mind the reasons, proper journalist could find a way to freshen his memory... but, no, he wants to produce another controversy - how professional!
      4. i don't want to jump to the conclusions (i haven't seen whole interview) but this excerpt leads to reason why morrissey in general avoids mediocre journalists
    17. Anonymous
      i dont know.i suspect its just as it reads. hes not in a popular music world, hes into film scores and such. i think hes older and remembers the stuff that was exciting to him which are proably scores
    18. Anonymouswithapologies
      never mind the reasons, proper journalist could find a way to freshen his memory... but, no, he wants to produce another controversy - how professional!
    19. Anonymous
      aha i see what youre saying. yeah all journalism these days though feels like they want the shock, any shock even contrived or exaggerated

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