"England Is Mine" Filibuster podcast director+cast interviews; Mark Gill Q&A (Manchester, Aug. 3)

Filibuster 47 - 'England is Mine' Interviews - Film podcasts

Interviews done after the screening of the film at the Edinburgh festival with Mark Gill, Jack Lowden, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Laurie Kyniston.

Gill discusses wanting to make a film and not a bio-pic, the casting of Lowden - other actors auditioning did "weird impressions" of Morrissey while Lowden in a "bizarre audition tape" played the character in the script. Gill worked with Lowden for about a year before filming started. Lyrics from Hatful of Hollow, Morrissey's interviews, Billy Duffy and family of Anji Hardy were the main sources for the story. Film is sold all over. Movie "Submarine" is a reference point.

Lowden talks about his approach to the character and challenge of playing a person whom "everybody has an opinion about." Two weeks after finishing England is Mine, went to film Dunkirk.

Findley went to art school and knew about Linder; talks about wanting to play complex characters.

Laurie Kyniston said that Gill ran into Marr who wished him luck with the movie.


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Preview/ England is Mine + Q&A - HOME Manchester

Thu 3 Aug 2017
20.30 + Q&A

Event details
We will be joined by director Mark Gill for a Q&A following this preview screening.
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Game Of Death.
good interview with the main people.like how he said having smiths songs would have been a cliché,i agree.the rights worldwide have been sold so its out there and will be judged on its merit.


And the fact that the film is not about the smiths could have something to do with it.

Quando quando quando

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And the fact that the film is not about the smiths could have something to do with it.

Exactly, considering the movie takes place pre-Smiths, wouldn't it be anachronistic to have any Smiths music (unless it's Johnny & Morrissey working on what becomes "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle")?
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For f***s sake, his name is STEVEN.
Why is it so hard to get this fact straight and correct?
If journalists can't even get this fact straight, how am I suppose to trust any other info from them?
And it doesn't stop with this subject.
Or are they doing it on purpose?
No, don't think so, not bothered enough. :(

File it under fake news and send them the Ouija Board song or video where he spells his own name.


Filibuster alabuster cladding busker mosher.
This fooking summer!
england is mine movie

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