Eminem likes Morrissey?

i would better be off ignore you little attention seeker....
this a free world and if i dont like something i have every right to express it just like you. if you do like him fine .and because i dont ,you have the need to calling me a idiot?
-thats sooo mature, my dear
ohh please:let me get on your level for once : f*** off

It is nothing to do with you 'not liking it'

it's to do with you not understanding it.

To quote those words with no context is to misrepresent the art / artist.

How easy to do so for many other (most?) other artists, including Morrissey, was my point.

Don't worry about sinking to my level dear, your braindead comments prove you are already below it.

kewpie, your response is equally bizarre, it should have been obvious that I was not condemning anyone for not liking hip-hop. Is this perhaps evidence of the 'language barrier' that I've heard others mentioning with regard to your posts / actions on here?
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