Morrissey Central "Elizabeth's birthday" (November 13, 2020)

13 Noviembre


Another nice picture and this video to commemorate Elizabeth's birthday.

Like Mother like sun. Elizabeth has exactly the same smile as her son. On the 12th November I kept thinking about my school friend who I haven’t seen in years. When I noticed the date 12th November I realised it was her birthday.
I was wanting to say something today in recognition of Elizabeth's birthday but couldn't find the right way, or words.

'Happy birthday' didn't seem appropriate, because there was nothing 'happy' about this particular birthday, given her recent death.

I think your post captured it perfectly @The Wild Turkey ...thank you my friend, those words were perfect.

RIP Elizabeth; I never knew you, but please know you are loved, & missed, so much, by so many.

It's one of them old Irish phrases.
That phrase has been makin' sense for generations.
Agreed, Paris isn’t a song I much care for but I enjoyed this.

Your point on female vocalists covering Morrissey is interesting. Perhaps it’s easier for a woman to make a cover seem worthwhile, as they can make an immediate difference?

I like The Boo Radleys’ cover of The Queen is Dead—but that all male outfit set out with an agenda of doing something very different from the original. But, on reflection, I think this supports your point; all the more faithful covers I enjoy have female vocalists.

This version of Well I Wonder is absolutely outstanding. I imagine the vocalist already has some role as a singer, but I hope someone with sway in the industry sees this because she’s a real talent.
I must admit I did not expect that singing voice, I really liked it and it did make me wonder what she could be like with a band behind her, excellent cover version!
I’m late to the party with this one hovis....
But yes great voice, and above all I enjoyed it..... hope we see more of the little soul🥇🥇
I’m wondering if she’s been fighting on with a tin of corned beef, obviously lost the key and nearly took her finger off in the process!!
Tricky things then corned beef tins hovis , never to be tackled whilst under the influence 🗝🗝🗝
Corned beef legs for the last time Baz...
AMW is the Sword of Damocles - but I'm still working my way through all of Morrissey's mad press.

God, I hope he pulls himself together.

Lovely karaoke version. A little off on the mix but - hey, that’s karaoke. She definitely nailed all the parts that pitchy Steve couldn’t handle.
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