Elizabeth Turner wears Smiths shirt


It's the best I can do. When I was 3 I was hitchhiking and a trucker stabbed me in the larynx.

Don't make fun of The Truth's voice
Because he can't help it
When he was a preschool boy
A trucker stuck a knife in his throat

PS. Strangeways was my favorite The Smiths album until I saw ET's picture. I just can't put my finger(s) on why I changed my mind.
Got laid recently? It's good for your brain and heart, keeps you calm too.
That's not true at all as many men and women have died from heart attack during sex acts. The brain is never involved in the sex act and if it was humans would be unable to have sex. The primal brain is involved however.

The calmness comes from being exhausted and from the orgasm making you sleepy.

Every considered education back in the day or was wood chips more your kind of education and company?
You poor sap. Wasting 20 years on this site. You are fucked up, man
21 and counting. I never did anything else in those 21 years and was here round the clock and wore diapers and got my nutrition from a hose into my arm.
Perhaps after 21 years I should at least take a shower?

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