Elizabeth Turner wears Smiths shirt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

By NealCassidy on Sep 20, 2019 at 2:59 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      Why are you so heavily invested in this?

      I think you fear what is coming as the tide has turned and people have had enough of the lunatic fringe on the left.

      Morrissey has always celebrated beauty despite being a philistine at heart. The entire world press is writing hate articles about Moz so these women defend him having these motherly instincts and want to offer him a tit or two.

      Only natural instinct for beautiful women but for ugly women nature made sure they never wanted to have kids.
    2. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Personally, (if you truly believe what you write) I think your just trying to fit everything into your own pre-existing narrative of what “you” believe is happening in the world - whether it makes sense or not. And I think it would do more good if you kept your quote.

      Which goes back to my first question: Do you actually even believe what you write?

      I was just curious.
    3. Anonymous
      You're so bitter and down in the trenches. I was useless at selling but my school mate was great at it but then he became a killer and stabbed his girlfriend some 50 times.

      Serbian lad.
    4. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      And if it’s not your quote, keep it still.
    5. Anonymous
      I am thinking Brooke Shields for 2019 when I see her. Gone is the dark tones and the minority genes. That's as aryan as you can get.

      I ber her feet smell and taste like bubble gum.
    6. Anonymous
      I mean every word and it is the truth. You lefties lost and will be crushed in the next election when gorgeous blondes with Moz on the shirt will take them off and flash their boobs for Trump after his landslide vistory.

      In Florida he will get 100% of the votes.
    7. Anonymous
      It is my quote but I bet someone nicked it.
    8. Anonymous
      Healthy babes are all for Moz and free speech and the right to carry guns. They eat meat of course or they wouldn't look like that.
    9. Anonymous
      Then I saw her face now I'm a believer.
    10. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Thanks, I wanted to know. Fun conversation. By the way, do you know who haunts my phone? (If you’d say.)
    11. Anonymous
      Nope batshit the musical no idea at all.

      But I do know white feminists are all for Trump and Moz and guns.
    12. Anonymous
      Wow, I really struck a nerve. So much so, you kept writing afterward. And you probably keep coming over here to check if I’ve responded.

      I’ll leave you with your quote again in response to what you “know”:

      [QUOTE="We don't know anything but we think we do".[/QUOTE]
    13. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      I forgot to write my name, here it is again:

    14. rifke
      not my type. I like cara taylor. look at how cute she is! she reminds me of the kind of sexy androgynous boy neil was.
    15. Anonymous
      As for the anarchist punk bachelorettes don't go anywhere near the Moz pit at the front.
    16. Anonymous
      Theres an empty space where your brain should be, because as we know from your post your brains are between your legs. This board needs more beauty alright and I don't think we'll get it from you numb nuts.
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    17. Anonymous
      Who? :paranoid:
    18. Anonymous
      Plastic surgery breast implants
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    19. Anonymous
      Oh it hurts when beautiful people rule the world and you are not one of them. You lefties tried to destroy beauty but failed.

      This is a new chapter in political history.
    20. Anonymous
      Jealous at real women going for pre teen girls without menstruation?

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