Elizabeth Turner wears Smiths shirt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

By NealCassidy on Sep 20, 2019 at 2:59 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      The timing says it all.
    2. Anonymous
      Like I've said before women hate women that look better than them. Reading your post made me feel your pain. If you wear a Smiths top over your tits your next door neighbour will get new material for his jerking off sessions.
    3. Anonymous
      I agree - this photo would be even better if she wasn't wearing a T-shirt.
    4. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Well you got the wrong woman, cause that one has a tan. Milk white? :paranoid:
    5. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      She’s wearing a gun too? Wear? :crazy: :brows:
    6. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Where is she wearing the gun? Wear where wear where wear?
    7. ForgivemeJESUS
      She is beautiful who care what she wears
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    8. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Yeah, he’s on tour, so it’s about the music.
    9. Anonymous
      Nah nah not that this has been going on for a while now so the tour has fook all to do with it and you know it. This is a new feminist movement of republicans for Morrissey telling the world we want to be able to protect ourselves or else it will all go tits up.

      Morrrissey always was big politics but now he's become a real leader for the anti lefties movement of nationalistic minded people across the states.

      It's a female revolution in the making and this is girl power I am all for. This is heterosexual women that look great and not football playing women who are all lesbos and look like blokes. For once beauty speaks some sense.

      It will drive feminist lefties mad.
    10. Anonymous
      Wear a t-shirt in support of Moz and the right to defend yourself.
    11. Anonymous
      She is milk white like Madonna and a tan doesn't change that one bit unless she keeps one on her all year round but she is still white.
    12. Anonymous
      Not in that picture stupid which is a professionally taken model picture. She carries a gun on her and keeps one by her bed side like any sensible woman would.

      The stupid blonde myth just died with these clever women. Their beauty has sent Rifke into a spiral of depression and self hate and she is ultra fasting now and has locked herself into the toilet and is crawling on the floor all dizzy going "baklava baklava feed me baklava bun-bun".
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    13. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Where is she milk white? And why have you seen where?
    14. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      You’re whole argument hinges on proving she’s right wing, or republican (like you just wrote) - but, is she? And do white lefties not exist?
    15. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      Yeah, she carries a gun. Just like she’s right wing.
    16. Anonymous
      Being for personal freedom and living by the book of the law doesn't make someone right wing. She's a new type of feminist that will take over the world with beauty and brains.
    17. Anonymous
      White all over and even down there where she is as smooth as a baby bum. I hope Trump parades these new feminists at a rally soon and gives at least one of them a leading political role.

      "Beauty and brains 2020"
    18. Anonymous
      No lefties are really whiteif you study it and never ever good looking. The right wing thing has fallen and republicans are not right wing anymore. It's a party for entrepreneurs like Trump and these women.
    19. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      You think that every has in in depth knowledge of celebrities and the famous, but I doubt they do. I’ve met people who’ve worn band shirts and didn’t even know they were that of a band. They had no idea what was on their shirt was the cover art of an album. Do you really think people have an awareness of his politics? I’ve never met anyone in real life who has, except one. This model probably knows nothing of his political views. If this is professional photo, then wouldn’t she have a stylist? In that case it wouldn’t be her choice of shirt.

      And when has morrissey advocated for gun use? (And don’t tell me on the cover of You Are The Quarry). When has he specifically talked about it? Things are not so black and white that all republicans have the exact same convictions.
    20. Bats the Musical
      Bats the Musical
      The book of the law and Trump in the same conversation is ironic, even for the snake oil you’re try to sell.

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