Elizabeth Turner wears Smiths shirt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

By NealCassidy on Sep 20, 2019 at 2:59 AM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NealCassidy, Sep 20, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
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    2. The Seeker of Good Songs
      The Seeker of Good Songs
      We know what she is selling, so why is she wearing the shirt?

      and speaking of the shirt, where do these knock offs come from? That surely isn't an original. Is there a money to be made in counterfit Smiths shirts?
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    3. Carlislebaz
      All of a sudden a smiths t shirt doesn’t look that interesting
    4. Anonymous
    5. Uncleskinny
      The return of inveterate liar, fantasist and 'well known businessman' Simon Wratten. So far down a rabbit hole of his own making, to crawl out of it would make him look even more of a joke, if that is at all possible.
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    6. The Truth
      The Truth
      What is she selling?
    7. Anonymous
      The term fantasist does not exist or is at least a very childish label. You should use pathological liar or mythomaniac instead cause fantasist sounds like a word someone without education would use.

      I notice the less educated in Britain uses it which includes journalists.
    8. The Truth
      The Truth
      Is this based on information you got when you were a mod and looked at people's IP addresses?
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    9. vegan cro spirit 444
      vegan cro spirit 444

      Is the ayatollah :turban: Muslim?doh:
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    10. Anonymous
      In future, please free to consult a dictionary before making yourself look like an idiot.
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    11. Anonymous
      Our Mozzer are people who have (had) accounts on this website and maybe even himself. He gets signs occasionally because he’s friends with a family member. They like that he fights people on Twitter on Morrissey’s behalf. Maybe Morrissey even enjoys reading his blog. But those Twitter accounts are not the real M. If he really thinks they are is uncertain.
    12. Anonymous
      The problem with the word fantasist is not the word itself but the fact it belittles a mental disease. No professional outside the UK uses the word at all.

      We are dealing with pathological liars or mythomaniacs and there is a difference between the two so the only idiot here is you and it is funny that you in no way can back up your argument other than in a way expected from a leftist.

      When the capacity of a brain is reduced such people turn to hate and violence and more often than not even in the early stages.

      Fantasist is a old word from before psychiatry moved on to better explain these things. I find the word fantasist very childish and uneducated.
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    13. Anonymous
      These white women are very brave and have started a political trend where they tell the world they back the views of Morrissey by stretching his face and body over their tits in protest of the many rapes and murders of white women in recent years.

      This is in fact a political trend inspired by Infowars where white female celebrities have spoken out against the lefties anti whire agenda that leads to white women being raped and murdered.

      They will lose their careers and get less job offers so they are truly brave and white power women. The envy of those with white beauty is huge.
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    14. Anonymous
      Fantasist is a compulsive liar which in turn is mythomania and pathological lying. You need to study this more closely together with Skinny.

      Using the term fantasist belittles one of psychologies more problematic mental diseases or conditions.
    15. klaus
      if she is going to the hollywood bowl show then i will buy a ticket.
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    16. ACTON
      My eyes just crossed.
    17. Cats the Musical
      Cats the Musical
      Do you even believe what you’re writing?
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    18. Anonymous
      It's too obvious that it is true and you know it. These very milk white women suddenly start a new campaign where they wear Morrissey on their tits which of course has to do with him defending values these women believe in or otherwise they would boycott him like lefties women do.

      We are seeing right wing women standing up for old traditional values in the shape of Morrissey and it is great.
    19. Anonymous
      I lik it I lik it a lot

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