Elis Regina anyone? MPB at all?


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MPB stands for Musica Popular Brasileira, which means Popular Brazilian Music. Anyway... Brazil has the luck to have some of the best artists in the world, dare I say. Tremendously good lyricists like Tom Jobim or Gilberto Gil, João Gilberto and Caetano Veloso, which are my favorites. Anyway... there was also a woman, who is very special to me and has a very fond place in my heart. I believe no other person in the whole world will ever get near to her in terms of vocal range and emotion delivered while singing. She might not have written her lyrics but, in partnership with the lyricists above mentioned, she made their songs fly.

Excuse me for the lost links, but I don't think deezer lets people embed players anymore and I don't want big videos or players in here, I don't think you'd like that, or maybe you would, I don't know...

"Aquele abraço" performed by Elis Regina by Gilberto Gil.

"Ladeira da preguiça" made for Elis by Gilberto Gil.

"Velha roupa colorida" by Belchior - this one is a little different

Well, if you want some more, please do search her.

I hope you enjoy!
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