El Pasoans ready to celebrate Morrissey’s 60th (May 22, 2019)

From Shoplifterromo:

Dj Rene Romo hosts his annual Morrissey birthday party at The Black Orchid Lounge, 6127 N. Mesa, in west El Paso, Texas, Wednesday, May 22nd, from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. As usual, it’s free! Enjoy a slice of birthday cake and then dance to Smiths/Morrissey classics, deep cuts, covers plus Britpop, Punk, Motown, Rockabilly and much more. You are encouraged to wear your favorite Moz/Smiths shirt.


El Chuco for Moz

“...in the west Texas town of El Paso” we’ll be celebrating on your actual birthday, despite being left off your recent tours. In your own words, the more you ignore us (El Paso/Las Cruces, New Mexico/Juarez, Mexico) the closer we get.

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