El Paso’s traditional Morrissey birthday party returns with a twist (El Paso, TX - May 21, 2022)

From Shoplifterromo:

After a 2-year pandemic hiatus, El Paso’s Morrissey birthday fiesta returns with a twist. We’ll begin the special night, Saturday, May 21st, from 8:30 PM-12 AM, at The 02 Lounge, 2701 N. Stanton Street, Cincinnati District, with an epic Moz vs Bowie battle along with Britpop, Punk, Rockabilly, and so much more. Then when the clock strikes midnight, it’s Morrissey’s birthday with 100%-guaranteed The Smiths/Moz classics and deep cuts until close.

It’s time at last to, once again, see all your old friends and put your arms around them. As usual, you are encouraged to wear your favorite Morrissey or Smiths shirt.

El Paso’s traditional Morrissey birthday party returns with a twist (El Paso, TX - May 21, 2022)
Posted by davidt
The 02 Lounge, El Paso TX
Saturday, May 21, 2022 - 08:30 PM
Until: Sunday, May 22, 2022 - 12:00 AM
(Adjusted for timezone: America/Denver)

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This thread is awesome.

Well, it's not very active, but Morrissey's unexpected accrual of his Latino following is, for me, as a Hispanophile, one of the great triumphs of his career, and this commemorative event is a nice signifier.

I could be romanticizing things, but I hope it is all beautiful swarthy youths with jet black hair and multifarious tattoos and smoky mascara, "the Juarez boy-chicks and butch-bitch diesel dykes," with exclusively vegan catering and First of the Gang to Die. But then, it could be plump middle-aged non-entities wandering around munching on beef burritos and cheering the occasional "woo-hoo," with Knockabout World and Jacky's Only Happy blaring from cheap speakers. I will nevertheless keep to my hopes.
Will we get glimpses of the party on here, FWD?

I'd love to.

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