El Cajon, CA - The Magnolia (Nov. 14, 2022) post-show

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / The Bullfighter Dies / Jim Jim Falls / Rebels Without Applause / Girlfriend In A Coma / My Life Is a Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / The Loop / My Hurling Days Are Done / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Half A Person / Irish Blood, English Heart / Knockabout World / Saint In A Stained Glass Window / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Sweet And Tender Hooligan

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alain shoulda just took over the vocals at the greek theater show
That would have been brilliant. Going home early, or staying to hear Alain sing along to a few of his greatest Morrissey compositions on the guitar. If I had been in the audience I know which one I would have preferred.
I don't think old Mozzer would have been too impressed though. It might have taught him something about communicating with his band. But probably not...
The walk off was regrettable, so well done for Morrissey for continuing on. I’ll be accused of defending bad behaviour, but I’m sure he has to be extra vigilant about his vocal cords these days. His persistently powerful vocals continue because of this careful management.

The lack of communication suggests a reluctance to be vulnerable in this regard. It’s easy for the fans to become frustrated, because they don’t have this expectation of him to remain silent and aloof, even if he has a tendency to operate this way.

I wish him well for the rest of the tour.
FYI people commenting about the walk off impacting the release of BOT know nothing.

Yeah, I don't get how that would work. So Morrissey and Capitol (supposedly) have a record deal and a release date in place... he ends one concert early and then the record company wants to postpone the release... why? To what end?
Don’t believe everything you read, even if it’s supposedly ‘official’. BOT remains scheduled for Feb 2023 release.
Why would he say it is not then? Why is there no word from the label about his signing or the record? Is he actually signed to Capitol?
FYI people commenting about the walk off impacting the release of BOT know nothing.
There was clearly no connection. The lack of any steer / direction though from Morrissey's supposed management is the real issue. The future of his career and whether or not an album of great new material sees the light of day seem to be dependent on his nephew posting random shit on Moz Central. Not good.
Cya esta noche.
Tomorrow morning I am going to be on the Radio (91X fm) doing a review of (if it happens) the show tonite and I will be defending him about him having a hate-love relations with his beloved fans, por favor listen around 9:30am @ 91X fm


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