El Cajon, CA - The Magnolia (Nov. 14, 2022) post-show

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / The Bullfighter Dies / Jim Jim Falls / Rebels Without Applause / Girlfriend In A Coma / My Life Is a Succession Of People Saying Goodbye / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / The Loop / My Hurling Days Are Done / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Half A Person / Irish Blood, English Heart / Knockabout World / Saint In A Stained Glass Window / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of FB, FWD & verified against setlist.fm

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It's very depressing news about the album. I have always thought there is a possibility that BOT may never get a release, and this just confirms that fear. Not unless Moz decides to bypass the record labels and release it himself. But there is little sign that would ever happen. And events of the past 48 hours will make any sensible record label run a mile. Forget any worries about Moz's 'controversial views' - they will be much more worried about his disappearing act. Any label would want to be able to rely on him to turn up and promote the album. Yea, right.
What news? Have you heard anything official or are we just basing things on fears?
What news? Have you heard anything official or are we just basing things on fears?
I think the post on Moz Central yesterday would count as 'news' wouldn't it? The album is no longer set for release in Feb 2023, if it ever was, which now looks very unlikely.
When he got to Girlfriend, I'm sure a few in the crowd must have crossed themselves and said a prayer that he would make it to the next song. Thank God it looks like Saturday night wasn't serious...
you better get to the bar as it looks like your glass is half full.
I see why he look sad inn Ontario. And walk off one concert. News affect him. Poor. Keep strong Morrissey. Don't get sick. You still the King !
see my post above.
After several crises of recent days, it is probable a significant msolo cohort has clocked out for a stress recovery day :blushing:
I am Jmn2dmb that posted the videos on YouTube. I didn’t record Bullfighter as I decided to take some still photos during that song as it’s not one of my favorites. After seeing that my photos from my location 12 rows back were not that good I kept with the videos.
Well Morrissey, looks like you’ve made a big splash in the morning news on KOGO, with Ted and Ladonna, here in San Diego. They seem to kinda like your signature early departure at The Greek Theater and made mention of it. Then Ladonna asks whats your worst concert experience.” ? They will have responses on at 8:15 San Diego time. It’s all available on I-heart radio.
So tune in….MORRISSEY should make the list as the lead in to this morning nostalgia…..a radio show. “You sang in silhouette but they couldn’t name you. Though the panel were very polite to you. Oh, but I remember you….I remember you.”
Great pictures and videos. Thanks for posting. I have that James Dean tie 😀

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