Egypt has shut off the Internet to deny online protesters access




The Internet is reportedly down in Cairo and across Egypt, with users denied both online access and SMS access. The shut off comes just hours before planned protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Egyptian protesters have been particularly effective at utilizing social media to organize and mobilize—this past Tuesday's protest was largely arranged via Twitter. State officials have yet to comment on the lack of service. [HP]

don't worry, it could never happen here.


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It's just going to flair up their anger and resolve to be even more organized through classic channels.

If the people lead eventually the leaders will follow.


According to the map - no one in Egypt is even playing Call of Duty Black Ops..



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Proof Hermes T. has his cool days and his not so cool days. Lol :p

Seriously though, think about it. The conflict is in his homeland. Is "God" going to manifest himself as a crusty old dignitary hidden in a palace? Or is he going to be mucking it up on the streets in young and able bodies living and thriving to make a point? Those kids stand more of a chance even with the tear gas and clashing and communications cut because they have a greater entity on their side and he or she, whatever, is restless.
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