Edwyn Collins: Loosing Sleep

Great gig.. What was the name of the acoustic number about blackbirds...
Off record shopping with Boz tomorrow..

I got Andy's setlist on Friday, but there was no acoustic number about blackbirds.

Two acoustic numbers Edwyn and Carwyn played

- Searching for the Truth
- Low Expectations

Bonus CD of Loosing Sleep is Birdsongs compilation, the first track of the compilation is Bye Bye Blackbird by Peggy Lee.
Amazing gig last night at Manchester Deaf Institute.:thumb::thumb::thumb:

They couldnt have picked a worse stage for Edwyn to get on and off tho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boz looked well and seemed to be enjoying himself:guitar:
I saw them in Oxford recently and he was very, very good. Put on a great show, even during the encore when he lost control of his voice a little bit. I got a couple of decent pictures of Edwyn and of course Boz.


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