Edith Bowman's 2 year old son is "obsessed with Morrissey"

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By Bluebirds on Feb 1, 2011 at 4:00 PM
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    Yes for my first post on the all new style forum I thought I'd share this amazing exclusive piece of information.

    Bowman's son is a Morrissey fan - UK Press Association

    Edith Bowman has revealed her two-year-old son Rudy is "obsessed" with Morrissey.

    Despite the 49 year age difference between the singer and Rudy, the BBC Radio 1 DJ admitted to her offspring's unusual choice of music.

    "He's obsessed with Morrissey and he loves telling people things," she told New!
    "[He is] bonkers. He doesn't stop. He's definitely got a personality and an opinion. When Tom [Smith, Edith's partner] got home last week, Rudy spent 20 minutes reintroducing him to everything in the room."

    Edith said she has no immediate plans to get married to Editors frontman Tom, her boyfriend of five years.

    "I don't want it to feel like a reaction to having a baby. We're a good team. I don't really know what more a piece of paper could do," she continued.

    However, the 37-year-old would like more children.

    "I'd like to, but not at the minute. Tom's starting work on his new album, we're moving house in a few months, there's all the Baftas stuff and then the festivals kick in. It's a busy year and I'm still enjoying Rudy," she added.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2011 (read-only)' started by Bluebirds, Feb 1, 2011.

    1. northernleech
      don't like bowman - she dumped guy garvey who i think is one of britains best lyricists and took up with the singer from the dull as Editors - sayin that if she had not dumped him we wouldn't have got the beauty that is "leaders of the free world" - which is better than seldom seen kid - check it out !
    2. Anonymous
      Can the planet sustain 7 billion people? Bowman should ask herself that. Plus, the kids don't have married parents; they are free to leave the "family" at whim. I never heard of Edith Bowman.
    3. Anonymous
      My Son started listening to Quarry when it came out. He was about 2. His English vocabulary is incredible and I credit Mozzer for it. Imagine a 2 year old singing "my life is an endless succession of people saying goodbye".
    4. Anonymous
      Bowman suffers from a common ailment experienced by many new parents; she believes we are all as fascinated with her child as she is.
    5. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I think children are drawn to Morrissey for some reason. It's as if they understand him and/or feel comfortable around him. Maybe it's because he has such a soothing voice and they can sense he's a good person.

      I like her view on marriage. I mean, really. How much difference can a little piece of paper do? I don't believe in marriage. I could be in a committed relationship, but I don't want to be bound by marriage - especially if that person feels they have the right to tell me when and what to do...at least without papers, you can just leave. But, anyway, she has the right idea - take it slow and enjoy the little one. He won't be little for long!
    6. Anonymous
      Oh heavens, this is how you launch the new site? With a story about a toddler listening to Morrissey? Hopefully someone next week will name their dog Moz, or someone will note that Paul Morrissey shares a common last name. Or maybe someone overheard someone on a noisy train platform else mention "Morris Day and the Time" and mistook it for "Morrissey for all time." Slow news day, apparently.
    7. Anonymous
      Yes, the planet can easily sustain 7 billion people. I can however not cope well with the 1/2 million who mess things up for the rest. Ironically those 1/2 think that they have the only real right to reproduce and not the others, because they are under the illusion that they have superior genes.
    8. Anonymous
      Most people think that they have a 2 years old genius, because it is able to do so many things already. Interestingly most children lose it as they grow older. I doubt that it is a good thing to have your child sing songs of loneliness. Has it ever crossed your mind that you do not give your child enough support? There is more to live than being a trained monkey who can do certain things.
    9. Anonymous
      It is a pitty that you do not know love. If you were then you would not be thinking in such rational terms so much. Even though I seemed to be a commitment phobic I'd have married the man on the spot, once I found one of whom I thought he was the one. Luckily I didn't, because I was living under an illusion and thought he'd not be one of those who do not have to show some bizarre kind of male superiority but a rare example of one who can cope with a woman as a partner. Your talk is that of a typical person who knows no hardship. I wonder if the single mothers who are on social benefits because they cannot find work with a child think the same way you do? Not marriage is the problem, society is and the way that work is organised.

      Besides, Morrissey concerts were by far the loneliest concerts I have ever experienced and I do not feel lonely easily.
    10. Anonymous
      Is she the one who slagged him off during his Glastonbury performance a few years back?
    11. Anonymous
      It's a bit sad that she felt compelled to share that, but my daughter who is 7 years old has listened to Morrissey all her life, she knows the lyrics as well as I do. I feel it is my right to pass on something great Moz is my legacy. Besides the stuff in the charts today is just rubbish with a few exceptions. Morrissey does have alot of new younger fans, his music means something and we can all relate to it.
    12. PinkFloyd
      No it was someone else, i have forgotten her name i think it is Jo something.
    13. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      I do know what it is to love. It nearly killed me. Do not tell me that I have not experienced hardship. You have no idea what I've been through. It is because of those circumstances that I view marriage in this light.

      If you feel lonely at Morrissey concerts, well...maybe you shouldn't go to his shows. I've only ever felt love and the sense of belonging.
    14. Anonymous
      Are you still married?

      How many Morrissey concerts did you go to so far?
    15. Reel.Around.The.Fountain
    16. Anonymous
      Edith Bowman, f*ck off back to Scotland and obscurity, you have nothing to contribute.

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