Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

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By davidt on Jul 30, 2012 at 10:30 PM
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    Set List:

    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Alma Matters / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / You Have Killed Me / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Speedway / Maladjusted / Still Ill / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / I Know It's Over / Let Me Kiss You / People Are The Same Everywhere / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Meat Is Murder // How Soon Is Now?

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Jul 30, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      Amusing really as you tend to storm off from here in a sulk muttering darkly. you are sundown playboy/kimura/kimura san and i claim my ten pounds
    2. Anonymous
      'What would Edinburgh be without the rain?'

      Like it was last night?!?
    3. johnnymunro

      Here's the thing about Mr Itablet - He wasn't even filming it for youtube as evertone is assuming - He was only taking photos! I know this because it was like someone holding a wee telly in front of me and you couldn't help seeing everything on it. I thought phones and cameras were bad enough but to take something THAT size just to take photos - Words fail me. This guy presumably uses sledgehammmers to break nuts.

      I will write more later on about the gig (if there's anything I can add to the previous excellent review from anonymous of all people!). A rare example of an anon poster providing something (very) worthwhile to the debate - Thanks again. tool2.jpg
    4. pubrockcoma
    5. Bluebirds
      Sounds so much better than Manchester. Morrissey is aware of the limitations of an arena show. Which makes the setlist order and choices on Saturday all the more baffling.

      And this venue does look beautiful

      great review anon. Hopefully if/when he does tour the UK again he'll do his usual trick of playing smaller, provincial theatres and concert halls etc
    6. Anonymous
      I would just like to say that Morrissey himself was absolutely fabulous last night. Personal highlights would have to have been the older Smiths type songs such as Still Ill, How Soon Is Now and Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want, although his solo work, too, was brilliant. I thought the order of songs was well done and spread really well. Meat Is Murder played along with the footage on show had me in tears and the staff at the Usher Hall were very helpful when I had to sit out as the heat had got a bit too much.
      However, one thing that (for me, anyway) put a bit of a lousy spin on last night was the fans outside that have established some sort of superior Morrissey fan base and devised a 'list' which determines who gets to the front of the queue. If I had known about said list, I wouldn't have bothered travelling from Glasgow first thing in the morning to ensure that I would have a good position in the crowd. Sitting outside Usher Hall for around twelve hours amounted to nothing due to the fact that when the person in charge of the list decided it was time to form the 'proper' queue, people were lined up into some kind of order of hierarchy, of which the rest of us could do nothing about. When asked, the person in charge of the list could give no substantial answer as to why they were allowed to ensure their place at the front of the queue other than for the fact that they were "regulars."
      I do understand that some of these people are very dedicated fans and had travelled far to get to Edinburgh, however that is the first time I had ever come across something like that. What happened to the days where to be at the front, you got a place in the queue early and waited until the doors opened? I personally think that this list concept is unfair and completely creates a divide in the fan base.
      Despite this, I did get to meet some very friendly and charming people last night and, as mentioned at the start, Morrissey's performance was absolutely top-notch. I will definitely be going back to see Moz if he plays another Scottish date in the future (at least the next time I will know that there is absolutely no point in arriving early)!
    7. EnglandIsMine
      Can I say that I really enjoyed Kristeen Young. Reminded me of PJ Harvey (who supported Morrissey in Glasgow a few years back I remember). She was ideal really as we waited for His appearance. I spoke to Amy Lame at the merch. area. Her Fringe show 'Unhappy Birthday' looks interesting. She is a Morrissey obsessive of course.
      Great night all round.
    8. BrummieBoy
      Great jpeg, might make it my avatar for a while.

      I love it when I'm walking around the Bull Ring and someone is so lost in their 'tamagotchi/smartphone' they almost walk into me. Then they look up at me as if I'm mad for not moving out of the way whilst they carry on 'normally' walking into other pedestrians whilst they txt mt8s 4 ltr mtups. Phones in cars, txting on pavements, iPADs at concerts. Mad world.

      A great quote from last night 'We are all minorities' is up there with 'there is no such thing as normal' and it's simply impossible for a person who says that to ever be capable of hiding any 'racist' secrets. I guess he had to back down from The High Court to avoid bankruptcy. I've had to consider the issues around getting to the threshold of The High Court in London myself. You pay the Solicitor, can't talk to the Barrister: and then the Insurance goons offer a paltry settlement at 1 minute to midnight!!! Settle or the Judge will award costs against you. I don't see it as Moz 'backing down' with the NME, having had to think it through myself. Maybe it's different in Scottish law! Murderous judicaries and the plots of the Establishment.

      "We all know that the British judiciary killed Oscar Wilde and that something similar happened to Shelley, Byron, Keats and Yeats by the establishment. The British establishment rewards mediocrity and the mediocre. It also hates people who are not mediocre so..."

      After The Queen jumped out of that helicopter and flashed her knickers to Moz in retaliation for his threat to 'drop his trousers', I really wish she'd call his bluff and get him an offer of an OBE,CBE whatever those silly 'awards' are. Bowie said 'fook off!', Robert Plant, McCartney and Elton all thought it would be nice on the mantelpiece. I wonder what, exactly, Moz wants from 'The Establishment'? I guess Poet Laureate, although he's not technically good enough for that role, unfortunately.

      I'm a balanced Republican myself, but see the value of the Royal lineage in times of war, etc. I hope Moz doesn't push this to parody so he can be permanently dismissed as a crank. Either he's an 'outsider' in which case he has no use for Brit Awards or OBE's or he secretly wants to 'belong'. But to what?


      This site is great once you filter out the trolls. I hope DavidT and The Management come to some 'understanding'. I don't have time to follow Moz's every move around the world so only now comment when he's 'home' in these 'Isles of Wonder', even if he's a cuckoo in Zurich now. I really hope 'Art Hounds' is indicative of the next album and that he lets rip with a new sonic template. It's time he had his 'Bowie / Iggy in Berlin' phase, seems pointless using Visconti if it's only to retread his contributions to the 'loudness wars' of the last decade.

      Moz could up the ante against The Establishment. That women in the Indian Olympic team parade was hilarious. Moz should have turned up with his band, got past security and hijacked the Arctic Monkeys stage and announced to the world "i think there's been some mistake......." I like the Arctic Monkeys, but.....


      there's always the closing ceremony.

      Edinburgh sound like it was one to remember. I guess he played everywhere last year so can't risk maxing his ticket sales out before the new album arrives next year, with the autobiography as the excellent 'advert' to bring him, finally, the #1 he needs before he dies. But.....where does that valedictory song exist in demo form yet? Over and out till the new album emerges.... once I post a final message to all my 'friends' on the Forum wards. :)
    9. Anonymous
    10. daisydundee
    11. modrevolve
      It wasn't this guy was it??
    12. Anonymous
      A brilliant, in-depth and heartfelt review - thanks!!!
    13. johnnymunro
      I don't think so - He was too far forward for a start - He had Austin Powers glasses on - He was also taking photos of himself and his mates!
    14. Fan
      Okay, so I have read the lengthy review, and it is very positive, which is great. However, it is written in more of an"evidence" piece where the writer is trying to convince his/her audience that the show/Morrissey is/was fantastic.

      From the other reviews, it seems as though this gig was much better than Manchester.

      I am still critical of the setlist--first, starting the set off with "Last Night" is somewhat of an energy drainer, as fans are chanting and pumped up for a grant/pounding entrance, and this song is the opposite. A great song, not an opener for me.

      The other singles that could/should be cut for the U.S. leg include "Kill Me, Kiss You, People Are the Same, and Far off Places." As for Smiths songs, time to give How Soon is Now a break--same with Please, Please.

      Hopefully, the setlist for the U.S. gig will be revamped with better songs.
    15. JanM
      Last nights show was awesome, Mozza interacting with the crowd and people of all ages attending were encouraging, given that I myself am just a couple of years lder than the man himself.As for the chat regarding the guy with the Ipad/tablet...I was chatting to him before and after the gig and seems to me not a lot of complaints were made directly to him, in fact lots of people were asking the guy to take thier E/mail addresses in order for him to forward the whole show to them..(Yes he did film the show.and not the guy in front pictured above)Im guilty of giving the guy my mail address, as I wouldnt mind seeing the show again and sharing with others. The whole show, whilst not rushed, seemed to fly by all too quickly....and not one unfriendly fan did I meet, everyone was similer to one big family from what I experienced on the night. My only niggle is with the soundman, as the man is well known as a lyricist it was unfortunate that at times , for those those not well accustomed to his lyrics found that the his voice was lost occasionaly due to the loudness of the band, not a critisism just what I heard people saying....Lighting superb, the build up too..loved every moment. Didnt expect him to do Speedway so that was a bonus for me.
    16. Tbevie
      Brilliant gig last night, but then I’ve loved every Morrissey gig I’ve been to. Maybe I’m just easily pleased but seeing my hero singing live on a stage in front of me is always amazing. Things like good set lists and good atmosphere are just a bonus for me.

      I thought the Usher hall was a beautiful venue. The staff were really kind and helpful. I arrived 10 minuets after the doors opened so I was quite happy with 8th row from the stage. But then frustratingly just before Morrissey took to the stage it became more 10th row thanks to a few selfish people who pushed their way through half the crowd and stood right in front of me, blocking my view and taking the place that I had been standing in for about 2 hours. There was actually a lot of pushing and arguments going on around me, much more than I had seen at previous gigs. I don’t know if last night being the last gig of the tour had anything to do with it. But I tried not to let it distract me and tried to just focus on the stage.

      I loved the set list. It seemed to flow really nicely. I was surprised he opend with ‘Last night..’ but I thought it worked really well. The long intro really built up the atmosphere so when the opening line finaly came the crowd were desperate to start singing and kept on singing all night. It was a really enthusiastic crowd and Morrissey seemed to be in good spirits and his voice sounded really strong. He wasn’t as chatty as I’ve seen him and I can’t remenber the exact wording of the comments he did make so I’ll leave it to those who can. I do remember him dedicating ‘To Give’ to Kevin, a Morrissey who pased away recently, which I thought was a nice touch. I couldn’t see much of what was going on in the pit but I think a couple of fans made it on stage and one woman managed to give Morrissey a hug, which got a huge cheer. It always makes me smile when fans cheer stage invaders, obviously we’ve all jealous and would love the opportunity to make it on stage but we’re still happy for the fans who are brave enough to get up there and express themselves in a why that we all want to but can’t.

      Morrissey ended the gig with “I love You” which is the first time he has said that at a gig I’ve been to so that meant a lot to me.

      So another amazing night. But today I’m feeling very tired and a little bit empty, now all the excitement is over for another tour. But It’s always worth it.
    17. Anonymous
      Last night was absolutely fab, perfection. Annoying people in the crowd though, the self-important guy with the we hate will and kate tshirt on where him and his mate could get infront of everyone unfairly... but they weren't as bad as the drunk guys who came in late, and fell asleep/ standing eyes closed through the whole concert and of course ipad guy. WHat a fool. I bumped into him afterwards when I was trying to find the toilets, he was taking a picture of himself with it in a mirror (accidentally went into his photo...) jesus
    18. Anonymous
      I was involved in setting up the list system, back in 2004. The idea was to make sure that people who queued all day, particularly younger people, were not fucked over by queue jumpers.

      We ran a fairly tight ship and the basic rules were as follows

      - you had to do your time in the queue. no turning up, putting your name down then fucking off to the pub for the day
      - if you weren't there, you weren't on the list, regardless of how much of a regular you were.

      My days of queueing are over now, so i'm not sure who is behind it now. However any keeping of places for people not on the list is an abuse of a good idea. Sorry to hear you were fucked over
    19. emmanuela_7
      Agreed!! While she was singing "It's so difficult to be typical", she was holding my hand and looking straight into my eyes for quite a while! :D

      I was not familiar with her music but I was blown away by her powerful performance and her voice which reminded me of Kate Bush. Will definitely listen more, really great artist :)

      I have no words for Morrissey. He was, as always, captivating and God like. Really loved how he was looking at the Meat is Murder footage. I cried during "I know it's over". At some point he ALMOST touched my hand! :( If only I had stretched a bit more! I was surprised to see the number of people that hugged him on the stage.

      In regards to people that had put their name in a list so they get in first: that was not really the case... the list existed, I personally did not put my name (I only arrived there at 4pm). When I got in from the second door (I was first with another girl), the people from the first door that had put their name on the list started complaining. But yeah, the list was there but the people in charge didnt really adhere to it, it seemed.

      Amazing gig - have only seen Mozza twice and I want MOAR!!! I also managed to get 3 guitar picks that Boz threw :)
    20. emmanuela_7

      Sorry to hear you had that experience! I arrived there at 4pm and actually because there was no queue, I went to Nandos and was only waiting outside the door from 5:30 onwards. The first people that got let in were the ones from that "list" (that first door opened first), but I was first in line in the second door, which opened something like 2-3 minutes after the first door. Which is why the people that were in that list started complaining (I was not in it but was let in quite quickly). I did manage to get to the very front, right next to a woman who was on that list and she was right behind me. So that list didnt seem to be a problem for me getting to the front...

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