Edinburgh, Scotland - Usher Hall (July 30, 2012) post-show

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Set List:

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Alma Matters / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / You Have Killed Me / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Speedway / Maladjusted / Still Ill / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / I Know It's Over / Let Me Kiss You / People Are The Same Everywhere / To Give (The Reason I Live) / Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want / I Will See You In Far Off Places / Meat Is Murder // How Soon Is Now?

set list provided by pubrockcoma

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Please get your secretary to use the multi quote function, bitch!

Whilst there is a pedagogic element in my teachings on 'The Morrissey Hoaxes', class attendance is entirely voluntary. I advise my young 'disciples' to both 'follow their bliss' and that 'truth is a pathless land'. They must develop their own critical thinking skills which can be very hard for young people, hence their vulnerability to cults such as this. Your picture shows a disinterested or tired student, but I do not recognise this person as a 'disciple' of BrummieBoy.

Sharon will continue to monitor your trolling as you are providing great amusement to other Project Team members with your hilarious skit entitled 'it's Patsy, not patsy. :mad:TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!!!!! :tears:I AM THE BITCH TROLL FROM HELL!!!! :mad:DO NOT MOCK ME OR THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON THE CARPET!!!!!!!!!!!':tears:. Our team members are working very hard on this project so there has to be a little relief for them. Speaking of relief, it's time for me to 'relax' with my Secretary for a while...are you good with your wrist? There's always room for another good fricatrice around here.:horny:


I told you not to quote my entire essays unless you have something worth saying. You will clutter the thread and make it unwieldy. Quote the first line only then add your 'witty' pictures. As I said to you earlier: 'Stick with the gifs, bitch'.



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I personally think the list is a great idea. It ensures that the people who get there first get in first.

I don't get to go to many of Moz's gigs as it's often difficult to get time off work. When I do go I try and get there early and have gotten on the list a couple of times. I'm glad I did because BOTH TIMES bolshie people have turned up at 5/6pm and tried to push in in front of me.

They were the sort of people who think they can just show up whenever and bully their way into whatever they want. They also "didn't recognise the validity of the list". Of course they didn't! They also went on and on and on and on about "elitism", but there was no elitism - just people who had got there before them! I always go to gigs on my own and it's not very nice having a drunk man pushing you out of the way. It's people like him that are the problem - not the people looking after the list. It's nice to know that I can go for a toilet/lunch break for 20 mins and get back in my place without worrying I might be told by some bully who turned up in the afternoon that I can't because I left the queue or whatever rubbish they'd come up with to get one space closer to Moz.

The only people I've ever heard complaining are people who try and push in and people who didn't turn up early enough and are jealous. And then they spend the rest of their time bitching.

The lad who was sorting the Edinburgh list was perfectly nice. To those who thought he was bolshie - it's because of the way you talked to him and they way you behaved in the queue. I know because I was sat there quietly queuing and listening to you behaving like peevish children.

Despite the fact that I only got to Edinburgh at 4pm I managed to get fairly near the front and I have to say it was the best Morrissey show I have seen for a long while. I wish I had been able to go to the Manchester show, the setlist looked great. He is currently in great form and I hope he will tour the UK again soon. Please no more Kristeen Young though. She's okay but I have seen her the last 4 times I have seen Morrissey (in the UK and US - over the space of several YEARS). Enough! Enough! Enough!


Looking at some of the performances on youtube. I'm biased because it is up there with my fave moz choons, but how biting and immense is his performance of "Maladjusted". Sheer delight. Sod that evening news comment about it not being a good song.

ALSO, I want that top he was wearing at this gig, anyone know where I can purchase?


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Please no more Kristeen Young though. She's okay but I have seen her the last 4 times I have seen Morrissey (in the UK and US - over the space of several YEARS). Enough! Enough! Enough!

Unfortunalty for you, aslong as you remain this way inclined, she will ALLWAYS be the support act, morrissey will NEVER let her go !!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!:)
And I for one of many can see why! :)

Kristeen young is absolouty fantastic!!!!!!!!!! In fact as great as the great man himself! :)

Wud of been so disapointed if we never seen her live in concert when we went to see morrissey!
It cost me an absolute fortune to go and see morrissey in manchester, (sorry I know this topic was about the scotland GIG) but as kristeen young was there to, we were in fact getting 2 for the price of one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
The cost was irrelevant tho, I was totally humbled and for ever gratefull for being there!

But I feel quite positivley that kristeen young will remain morrisseys suport act untill such time that she decides to wander of of her own accord! :)
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They come from the Dries Van Noten S/S 2012 collection.

And they come in various pretty colours.


And they don't accept organ donations as payment :(

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