Ecorazzi criticise Morrissey's animal rights message

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By Milk Is Murder on Nov 30, 2016 at 3:59 PM
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    1. Anonymous
    2. Anonymous
      How many people did stop eating meat because of Morrissey? I can speak for myself, he was for sure the one who motivated me the most to go vegetarian. And becoming vegan from night to day is not easy at all, it's a process. I know some people just do it, but it's not that simple for most.

      Moz did, and still does, a lot for animals, but pointing out what is "not right" is so much easier...
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    3. rifke
      the guy at the grocery store when veg because of moz
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    4. ACTON
      People always picking away at Moz. If he lived in a cave eating nuts and roots h'd be accused of making a bear go homeless for the winter. The world is full of crashing numbnuts.
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    5. Carly
      But moz is just like that himself. He's a right nit picker, that is why he gets nit picked all the time.
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    6. Anonymous
      What the 4ck do you not understand about so called vegans eating cheese and dairy products ? :confused:

      6 troll votes and you can silence me, laugh out loud :laughing: :rofl:.

      Meat is murder innit bots !

      The more you troll vote me the more I win the argument you stupid bots :angry::tiphat:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    7. Vegan
      Let me be the first to vote "troll" on Benny-the-Braindead-Butthead.

      Still I do think Moz has displayed some hypocrisy for eating dairy all these years. It's not like he didn't know. Johnny Marr was the real deal a lot longer I've read. But it's hard to judge Moz since I didn't become Vegan until I was 44. I applaud Moz for all he's done for animal rights despite occasional hypocrisy. The real answer I want to know is if he is currently vegan. If he's not he should probably dial back the judgments of others.
    8. ACTON
      So here is a question. If Moz was caught on camera snarfing a big juicy steak the same day he released a new album heralded by critics as 'His best since Vauxhall' would that stop you buying it? Just wondering how important his vegetarianism is to you. It wouldnt stop me buying it.
    9. Vegan
      I didn't become a Morrissey fan because of his vegetarianism. If that were the case he would need to be vegan. I'll admit it does make me enjoy his music more because of lots of lyrical references to animal welfare. Naturally I want to support artists who believe the way I do. That's human nature. Now to your rather absurd question/scenario. I can't honestly answer that. Hardly any artists I enjoy are vegans so that's not a criteria. But because Moz has made it such a part of his art and messaging I would lose all respect for him as a person unless he came out and said "I'm no longer a veg". But preaching one thing and doing another is not admirable behavior
    10. MIDNITE
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    11. Anonymous
      He talks about animal welfare. Is this possible if not a vegan. Like talking about how terrible poverty and child starvation is while still buying a new cd for yourself
    12. MIDNITE
      Who ever wrote the article : -
      Ecorazzi criticise Morrissey's animal rights message

      Is talking complete rubbish and twisting words and meanings around !

      Morrissey has quite clearly and explicity said that animals should have the same rights as humans, NOT that ONLY there treatment and not there use is all that should concern us!!
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    13. sycophantic_slag
      Ben Frost, the author of this piece, sounds like a very bitter queen who is self-important. He criticizes Morrissey for being "humanocentric," but Frost's writing--indeed Ecorazzi itself--is contradictorally humanocentric. Both are myopic texts that waste time pointing fingers. Morrissey is brave for challenging corporate America. Ecorazzi itself participates boldly in capitalist/consumerist culture. Shame on Frost.
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    14. MIDNITE

      Just re-read the whole ercorazzi article again, SPEECHLESS !!!
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    15. Anonymous
      To the vegan nazis anyhing but a "purist" lifestyle is not enough. No wonder they put off so many people from even trying to change their lifestyle. To blame Morrissey for not doing enough for animals and making people think veganism is not for them is just ridiculous. I'm sure he has risen the people's awareness about animal rights way more than the author of that meaningless rant.

      I myself have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, mostly vegan nowadays, and try to live as animal friendly lifestyle as possible by avoiding leather and animal tested products. But for the holy vegans I'm still a disgusting human being, who is not doing enough for the animals. I have nothing against vegans, on the contrary I respect and admire your choice. I just don't appreciate your attitude against everyone who is not a vegan, no matter how much they are doing otherwise. I agree animal abuse in all levels must stop. But to do that we need co- operation, not divisions and blaming.

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