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Morrissey Interviews Joni Mitchell: Melancholy Meets the Infinite Sadness

The two songerwriters hold forth on promiscuity, chain-smoking, eating meat and suffering for one’s art

As it happens, there were no fights, though, true to form, Morrissey did delicately chide Mitchell for smoking and eating meat – this is the man, after all, who once titled a Smiths album Meat Is Murder.

o guilt about smoking a cigarette?

Oh, no, no, no. I’m a smoker, for better or for worse.

It does kill a lot of people, doesn’t it?
So what [laughs]?


I never knew Joni Mitchell smoked.
Is the photo genuine? It probably is, but with SER flooding the net with juvenile photoshops, you simply can’t trust any Moz photos these days.
Thanks for sharing. Great photo and bit of unique history. I better start doing the lottery to even consider placing a bid.

One for the photo collectors maybe.
Deep pockets required (starting price $2k):

"Original RARE Unique and one of a kind Morrissey and Joni Mitchell Poloroid by Robert Maxwell. Signed by the artist.
8x10 Poloroid."


Obviously not my auction, but worth sharing here as it does appear unique despite the large price tag.
I was always impressed when I found out that David Cameron smoked. I would have thought it would affect her singing, but obviously not.
remember an interview with shaun ryder,when he was young kate bush played in his part of town in a big outdoor event,him and his mates sneaked round the back and there was kate bush chain smoking,puffing like it was an olympic sport,then again she was terrified of performing on stage.
Mozz looks pretty good in this pic. Also, it's Polaroid, not 'Poloroid. That's something you get when you stick mints up your arse.

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