Ebay auctions original master tapes from the Smiths



I picked this message up from the side-line website:

"The online auction site Ebay is auctioning original master tapes from the Smiths, at least that is what the seller claims. According to the posting the tapes are the original EQ'd Production Masters used for "The Smiths" albums released in the UK. They are supposed to be the digital masters for use on the Sony 1610 & 1640 machines. Since there use for creating cassettes and CDs in the 80s they have been in storage and came into the seller's possession after the collapse of the distribution company "Rough Trade". Our colleagues at the Johnny Marr site contacted Johnny Marr for comment on the matter."

side-line is at www.side-line.com , somewhat the same message was posted on www.jmarr.com

bye, Francis
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