Easter pr0n display dismantled by rabid SWJ (Hitler would approve)

No Nazi would ever daub anything derogatory on Jewish property because it simply strengthens Jewish victim identity.

So many times Jews themselves are caught doing this kind of thing. Recently there were mass security measures for years around Jewish buildings because they kept getting bomb scares. This inflated the recorded level of so-called anti Semitic attacks in the US and caused new bills and laws to be discussed.

Turned out the culprit was one single autistic Jewish boy.

The only people who have any kind of problem with Jews out there are (some) Muslims, and with good reason I suppose. In other races the number of real authentic Jew haters is negligible. Most white people couldn't give a toss if someone is atheist, Christian or Jewish. It means very little to most people.

Which on a similar note makes me suspicious of attacks such as Christchurch. Was the man brainwashed by the CIA and then activated? It's not too far fetched a thought, because they obviously have the capabilities to do that kind of thing by now (they were experimenting back in the 50s). Right after Christchurch came new gun laws - passed without a hitch. Was the attack done simply for this reason (with the added bonus of promoting white guilt and the acceptance of more Muslim immigration?)

It makes one wonder...

The bedrock of secular Judaism consists of two things. The deifying of the Holocaust and the belief in the existence of pervasive Anti-Semitism.

Without these two things secular Judaism would have no identity and no glue to keep the tribe together and thriving.

It's why, time and again, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues are daubed with swastikas by Jews themselves. And why the details of the Holocaust cannot be questioned.

Check out any Jewish newspaper. Virtually every article is about either one of these subjects.

This level of obsession with victimhood is unhealthy, but is also a Machiavellian trick of empowerment.

When 2% of the population are somehow in all the top of power the last thing they want are questions that might shake the foundations of that power. Because too many cracks and the whole temple could go crashing to the ground.
I think there are too many cracks in your cranium.
Attacks on mosques and synagogues in Sweden spraying swastikas on them was carried out by Antifa to make it look like nazis did it but the fact they sprayed swastikas the wrong way and did not spell things right made it easy to realise this was done by very young people caught up in Antifa.

They also knocked over a lot of headstones in cemeteries here.
I like you better when you're talking about Pernilla and ROLF.
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