"Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

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By !Viva Hate! on Jun 2, 2014 at 11:42 PM
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    1. rubixkid
      So after seeing the video... mens_cologne_final.jpg
    2. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      still not have heard it, only seen the weird spoken word thing with Pamela Anderson :confused:
      closest I got was a short preview in itunes :rolleyes:
    3. CrystalGeezer
      Santa Ana:


      Don't upset the baby, we need stuff from her.
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    4. Skylarker
      C'mon, now. I am super excited about the new LP and I really like the title track and Bullfighter has grown on me quite a bit (sorry, Istanbul is forgettable melodramatic water-treading) but this song plain and simple just FUCKING SUCKS.

      Just say it. You'll feel better. Admit it. This song FUCKING SUCKS.

      It doesn't mean you don't like or even love Morrissey; it doesn't mean you don't get what he is saying here it's just that this is an AWFUL song.
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    5. marred
      I think you're the one who needs to feel better. Earth may have some dodgy lyrics but Istanbul is a great song all round. Have you had a bad day?
    6. Anonymous
      Sky-lacker...your a fukin culture-less music inbred idiot. If you don't hear what Morrissey is trying to do then you're the dumbest bloke on this lonely planet. He's reaching completely different ears and demographics. Good on him. This song is amazing. The rhythm is addictive, the concoction of instruments is rich, and the melody is catchy and, not to mention, it's danceable. Well done Moz. Keep'm coming good sir.
    7. Anonymous
      This sounds like the band are playing a totally different "song" to what he is trying to sing. Istanbul was a bit the same... there's no real melody... it does sound a lot like they are all bashing away trying to find a tune that isn't there. The lyrics are really kind of not good as well...
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    8. Anonymous
      If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and more importantly sounds like shit - then it probably IS shit.
    9. Anonymous
      Have you ever tried listening to shit? If something sounds like shit it could be anything.
    10. CemetryGates
      I like the song aside from the twiddling guitar and the "humans are not really very humane" line...
    11. Anonymouswithapologies

      i simply love your writing (except insulting words :shy:), it' jolly refreshing

      p.s. apologies
    12. marred
      You took the words right outta my mouth.
    13. Ryan
      I love the song, don't get the hate for it at all.
    14. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      played it now a couple of times on spotify and I like it :thumb:
    15. Anonymous
      I want to like it but it feels more of a cliche (of what morrissey has become) than anything written from the heart. the lack of imagery and depth apart from the line "earth is the loneliest planet of all", feelz half-hearted and only support that very basic idea. it feels like mass-produced pity and loneliness than something written from a very lonely individual struggling with a lonely and distant environment. the song doesnt touch me, sure I love morrissey's vocal delivery on this but with a song with such a punch in the title I expect more than a nice voice. added elements (backing female vocals, keyboards going rapidly through scales, and other bells and whistles) detract from the experience and add as much depth to the song as verses like "humans are not very humane". the initial "spanish dance" tempo quickly dissolves into a standard rocker tune while teasing the initial sequence, which I think is silly to begin with. a nod to that community perhaps, but an artistic fart that didnt impact the songwriting aspect and makes the song feel so generic and meaningless like new wallpaper in an abandoned house.

      this track has definitely dented my expectations for the album, while i found the other two tracks to be enjoyable (with their own faults) i dont find myself listening to this track ever again in the future. i dont know about anyone else but i initially listened to morrissey for his linguistic and vocal efforts while playing on normal conventions, not for a standard vocal delivery with a mediocre backing track. perhaps age and apathy and ego are to blame for this new direction, maybe he doesnt feel like showing the world his true self anymore. he's comfortable, occasionally controversial yet irrelevant, and suggestively a little boring. criticism enough for him to walk out of a performance.
    16. sorrow of stamford bridge
      sorrow of stamford bridge
      I think since (and including some of) Quarry, there's been an effort to sound more radio-friendly. I guess with two long hiatuses with no record deal, this had to happen. I don't feel that the three recent singles are bad, and Istanbul is splendid. But in having Vauxhall & I released in the month before the new album, the contrast in quality of song-writing is there for all to see, and Morrissey is perhaps on a hiding to nothing. Vauxhall is a masterpiece, with Viva and Arsenal not far behind. How many masterpieces do you have in you during a lifetime? I really do hope and pray for some great songs in the new album, and for the current tour not to collapse before he gets to announce some UK dates. Come on Morrissey!
    17. hymeballs
      After a few days I've decided I like this song a lot. Probably more so tan anything since YATQ. I think morissey is at his best when things are a little quirky rather than safe straightfoward numbers. Bona Drag era has some of my favorite songs....
    18. Anonymouswithapologies

      i don't know about you expectations, maybe i don't have such - every time i just wait to hear what does morrissey have 'to say' in his new album.
      he carries everything, he chooses his partners and friends.

      excluding quality evaluation of new material, this time is obvious - working with NEW producer brought different result (that's why i came into hard work of describing the 'studio-gold mining-method') and it doesn't matter who will be credited.

      p.s. apologies

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