"Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

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By !Viva Hate! on Jun 2, 2014 at 11:42 PM
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    1. Hod
      Musically it's interesting - somebody made a great connection between it and the Viva/Bona era. It also reminds me of the live arrangement of 'Ouija Board' with the rhythm guitar and the androgynous and wailing guitar, it adds to the loneliness! Lyrically it's a bit disappointing and sounds a little like a caricature of everything he's about, though there could be an animal rights meaning to the song: 'you're in the wrong skin'.

      I continue to have a lot of hope for this album due to the great musical arrangements we've heard so far. If he can produce some equally great lyrics on 4 songs or so then I'll be delighted!
    2. CrystalGeezer
    3. Anonymouswithapologies


      i think it's producer's field of work - i've worked in the studio where the most famous and awarded film director from my country made his debut-album for international market and witnessed the song-making process - the band in the studio plays demo version of the song, then the producer (chosen with highest criteria/standard by the leader of the band) gets a 'vision' of a song, after that he works with/coordinates: lead singer, lead musician, other musicians in the band, additional musicians and all other experts/people of any kind who are needed to improve final work.

      so much hard, hard work to get one song...

      ... after all, comes postproduction.

      uh, this was hard for me to explain... hope i was clear, 'cause i tried not to include/describe all other details of the process, which may be uninteresting to you.

      p.s. apologies
    4. jm26
      I think it's excellent.
    5. Tralala
      Agreed -- I find "Istanbul" to be decidedly lacking. It threatens the entire time to break through but never does. The bridge needed vocals and it should have finished with another chorus, or, preferably, some of Moz's renowned yodeling. "World Peace..." is the strongest track released thus far (and it's not that good).
    6. Anonymous
      I have just listened "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" on Spotify a couple of times. I cannot really understand all those people that try to find little bad things in its production... little negative hints on the voice... some of them don't like this instrument and some of them hate that one! I just cannot believe this. The song is very fresh and it so heartwarming that once again Morrissey sounds different in another new album as he always did. He likes to move on and he moves on in a higher quality on every step he makes forward. Please sit down -relaxed- and try to listen those three new songs in their studio versions and you will clearly understand that if the rest of the songs of the forthcoming album are such good as the ones we have already heard we can already talk about a masterpiece even by now. The haters will remain haters. Finally I would like to add an opinion about the lyrics. "Live with a lowness that no one else knows" for example is so strong poetically and psychologically too. I cannot believe he improves his mind and his art even in the threshold of old age. He is wise. Morrissey in 50 years will be for the world what is Oscar Wilde now for England.
    7. Anonymous
      Completely disagree.

      Istanbul is , in my opinion, his best song since Irish Blood English Heart. You get a great story, dark, poetic. Wonderful music, reminding us of past gems like Jack the Ripper, completed with a fantastic production. Not all Morrissey songs need yodeling.
    8. Anonymous
      I was thinking the same thing, but only because the title reminded me of "the loneliest animal of all" from issue 32 of Swamp Thing, 'Pog', which had a strong animal rights message.
    9. esskay
      Again, really impressed with the production on this and looking forward to the album. This could turn out to be the most pleasurable solo record yet. Don't get me wrong, it's impossible that it could be his best because the words are so stupid. This doesn't bother me that much, though: Morrissey's been writing mostly terrible lyrics for two decades now. Meanwhile, he's not stopped coming up with terrific tunes. Give me any of the last few albums with proper production rather than the dismal chug-chug-chug and I'd be happy. Looks like that might be about to happen.
    10. CrystalGeezer
      I think it's a puzzle piece that will fit snuggly and perfectly into the album. I like the harp.
    11. Derek17
      Again the production of the song is WAY better than any of the recent albums.

      One observation I've made is that each of the new songs sounds like a distinct entity. Instrumentally the three are especially very different as well as vocally, lyrically, and thematically. This album is not in the same mould as the last two albums in particular that seemed far too repetitive and unambitious.

      Even if the rest of the album is shite (don't bet on that) it's already better than the previous two records and sounds fresher and more well put together than anything since Vauxhall and I.
    12. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    13. Anonymous
      Thank You! I had no way to hear this and was eager. Now I have all 3 to hold me until I Purchase the Deluxe release.
    14. Emil
    15. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Worked 2 mins ago... (10:35 UK time).
    16. Anonymous
      Interesting comments here. The producer obviously does make a fair difference but I don't think as much as some people are giving him credit for.
      I think it's mainly that the musical compositions for these new songs are a lot better than we've come to expect.
      Morrissey's sung tons of duff songs in the last 10 years with rubbish melodies and dull music e.g. Father must be killed, On the streets I ran, Sorry doesn't help, How does anyone know how I feel, People are the same everywhere, You have killed me etc. I simply don't think a producer could come along and turn this stuff into sparkling gems.
    17. marred
      You are 100% correct Anonymous. I think 'Istanbul' is his best song since 'My Dearest Love'. Istanbul isn't lacking in the slightest, or whatever this Tralaia said.
    18. hymeballs
      Within the vocal style I hear "Barbarism Begins at Home" a little bit with its cadence of:
      Unruly boys
      who will not grow up
      must be taken in hand
      Unruly girls
      who will not settle down
      they must be taken in hand

      take a listen...

      Need a few more days of listening before I can decide on this one...
    19. hymeballs

      I agree, Istanbul almost makes it for me but as you said its lacking a wee bit...I miss the yodeling and the way morrissey would end songs with falsettos and what not...
    20. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I have to give it to the production team on these singles.
      There is a lot of separate left and right channel 'activity' and is much more pronounced than previous songs.
      The bass seems quite prominent also.
      The tone and general use of new sounds does lend weight to the album being diverse and interesting at the very least.

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