"Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

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By !Viva Hate! on Jun 2, 2014 at 11:42 PM
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    1. marred
      Re: Article: "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

      German amazon has a deluxe CD advertised with the extra tracks on it. Also the italian amazon has something similar. I'm holding off on ordering the album until I get confirmation of a deluxe vinyl with all the tracks which these european sites seem to be hinting at. myplay direct can get stuffed till then.

      - - - Updated - - -

      I bought it last night from Australian itunes and it is growing on me. I'm trying not to let the impact of 'Istanbul' sway me just yet.
    2. GlasgowChivas
      Re: Article: "Earth Is The Loneliest Planet" single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)


      This is showing on iTunes as 'Purchased' as I'd pre-ordered the album with them but I can't play anymore than an preview of the track. I had 'Istanbul' and 'World Peace..' by this point on the previous occassions.

      Don't particuarly like what I'm hearing though. The music is very busy (and interesting I suppose) but the vocal sounds pretty off and the lyrics are turgid. Waiting for the full song to do it justice but it's no 'Istanbul' alright.
    3. Tbevie
      I agree. I'm a little bit disappointed. I think it sounds a bit over-produced. I prefer the rawness of the live version.
    4. marred
      The song should start at 48 seconds in. The lyrics are slightly embarrassing before that mark. I do like Kristeen Young's ghostly backing vocals though, if that is her that is... just a guess. Remember this is just one song of 18 so let's not over think this one.
    5. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      I contacted iTunes about the problem some of us who pre-ordered in the UK were having and I've finally been able to access it via Check For Available Downloads...
    6. Syd Rumpo
      Syd Rumpo
      Re: Earth Is The Loneliest Planet single (digital download) released (June 3, 2014)

      Rough Trade are also taking pre-orders on both standard and deluxe edition CDs:

    7. Anonymous
      I like it - possibly includes first ever accordion solo in a Morrissey song!
      Great vibe, great blend of instruments. Nice lyric, lovely singing.
      One of the things I'm liking most with the new songs is that there are some really interesting instrumental parts.
      Haven't really had that since the Bona Drag/Viva Hate era. Wonder if that's mainly down to the producer or the songwriting...
    8. Tbevie
      You're right, I still think it's a great song. Im pretty sure it is Kristeen, it especially sounds like her during the "you, you, you" part.
    9. Imbrie
      i am extremely thankful to whatever/whomever has instigated the move away from the clunky riffs from 'southpaw' onwards. the instrumentation on the 3 tracks released this far is light years ahead of much of the band's recent offerings. matt walker is unquestionably the best drummer to have graced morrissey's solo output although i have an enormous soft soft for andrew paresi's playing.
    10. bored
      I agree with you on your assessment of Walker and Paresi.

      Did you get a chance to see Eric Burulcich? I saw 2 shows with him and he was very impressive.
    11. Anonymous
      What is this rapturous love of 'Istanbul'? It's a plodding and predictable, albeit improved 'Ganglord' with a bit of 'I will see you in far off places'. It's really not THAT good. Sorry
    12. T. H. Auden
      T. H. Auden
      Do you mean Eric Gardner or Anthony Burulcich?
    13. Imbrie
      are you talking about the drummer on the '25 live' performance? if so, then yes, a really clever drummer with a great feel. i'm glad matt walker has returned to the fold but i would have certainly been happy to see what the '25 live' chap may have offered recording-wise.
    14. mozzalini999
      Pre-order for deluxe edition is now available on Amazon UK.
    15. Anonymous
      Very overproduced. There's at least three loudly mixed guitar tracks in the mix. Much too busy. Not bad a track, though.
    16. Patrick!
      Get off the Stage? Not a solo per se, but certainly some accordion shredding.
      This. Also, I think it's entirely the producer. I have a feeling Your Arse n' All would have sounded very rockabilly if not for that Yorkshire gentleman, and that YATQ would not have sounded so radio-ready if not for Jerry "Enema of the State" Finn.
    17. Patrick!
      Oh, and another thing! I pre-ordered the vinyl from the webstore and on the date of their respective releases was given free downloads of "World Peace..." and "Earth..." but not of "Istanbul." Has this happened to anybody else? Very curious.
    18. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      I agree. I think it's beginning to look like Joe Chiccarelli has played a bit of a blinder.
    19. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick

      No, I didn't get any free downloads.
    20. Anonymous
      All three tracks are now available within Google Music All Access....

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