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Hi all. I have been putting together a few dvds of Moz/Smiths footage. The plan was to edit a bit and add menus but time is not our guide so that has not happened. Because of the lack of editing many concerts also include tv appearrances etc as well. Basically I am looking for anything not on this list for trade. I have a couple of weeks before a new job starts so I would like to do any trading in that time. If you have any questions about quality please ask. Obviously the older stuff is converted from VHS. The only thing I am not after is dodgy downloaded video copied to dvd. Drop me a pm if interested.

NB older concerts from the 80s and 90s are predominantly audience filmed and have been transferred from original VHS records to dvd. I do not trade officially released material.

The Smiths

The Smiths - Live at the Hacienda 6 Jul 83

The Smiths – Derby Assembly Rooms 7 Dec 83 plusHamburg & Rockpalast

The Smiths –Live at Rockpalast 4 May 1984. Music Box Morrissey interview 1987 with off stage footage and promo films.

The Smiths - Live at Edad de Oro 18 May 85.

The Smiths - Live at Salford University 20 Jul 86. (bonus material various tv clips)

The Smiths - Live at Wolverhampton Civic Hall 15 Oct 86 ((bonus material Oxford Road Show 85, Formel Eins,84, TOTP, Ask promo etc )

The Smiths - Live at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 21 Oct 1986. (bonus material Les Enfants Du Rock 84 interview and live tracks from Paris 9 May 84)

The Smiths Live at Kilburn National 23 Oct 86 and unedited Earsay interview (45 mins)

The Smiths - Live at London Palladium 26 Oct 86 plus one track from Hacienda Live


Morrissey - Live in Utrecht 1 May 91.

Morrissey - Live at Cologne 3 Jun 91 (bonus material Ive changed my plea on Wossy 1991 and My Love Life Tim Broad promo film)

Morrissey - Live in Santa Barbara 7 Jun 91. (bonus material Youre the One for Me Fatty on TOTP and The Chart Show)

Morrissey - Live at Madsison Sq Gardens 13 Jul 91(bonus material Our Frank promo film and Tonight Show Sing Your Life and Theres a Place in Hell)

Morrissey - Live at Wembley Arena 20 Jul 91.

Morrissey - Live at Brixton Academy 21 Jul 91 (bonus material King Leer live on Steve Vizard show in Australia)

Morrissey - Live at Brighton Dome 22 Jul 91(bonus material More Short US clips with fans, Fox TV interview 92, home video of Chicago KROQ press conference 92)

Morrissey - Live in Wellington New Zealand 7 Sep 91(bonus material Will Never Marry, Sing Your Life and Mute Witness from ABC filmed US gig??

Morrissey - Live at Kilburn National 3 Oct 91.

Morrissey - Live at Hammersmith Odeon 4 Oct 91

Morrissey - Live at Nassau Collisseum 11 Nov 91.

Morrissey - Finsbury Park 8 Aug1992

Morrissey - Live in New York 18 Sep 92. (bonus material The Big E Moz first TV appearance of 93 and Big e MTV clips 92/93 and Suggs sings Moz)

Morrissey - Live in St Louis 29 Sep 92.

Morrissey - Live in Vancouver 5 Oct 92.

Morrissey - Live at the Limelight Club New York 24 Nov 92 (bonus material Tomorrow alternate version video and Moz profile and interview on Week in Rock 92)

Morrissey - Live at Sheffield City Hall 11 Dec 92 (bonus material world in action 1990 Moz contributes to bloodsports debate and Pregnanat on TOTP)

Morrissey - Live at the Astoria 20 Dec 92.

Morrissey - Live in Dusseldorf 23 Dec 92.

Morrissey - Live at Portsmouth Guildhall 13 Feb 95 (bonus material Ronnie Kray funeral footage and Album Chart Show V&I reviewMorrissey Live at Ilford Island 12 Feb 95 (bonus material MTV News HMV signing & TMYIMTCIG original and revised promo vids)

Morrissey - Live at Croydon 23 Feb 95 (bonus material The Beat TV Programme shows Boxers promo vid and is discussed by ‘pundits’)

Morrissey - Live At Wembley Arena 17 Nov 95 (bonus material Boy Racer and Sunny on Later 11 Nov 95)

Morrissey - Live at Wembley Arena 15 Nov 1995 (bonus material New Zealand tv clip &Dagenham Dave promo vid)

Morrissey - Live at Battersea 10 Dec 97 & Edinburgh Usher Hall 95

Morrissey – Live at Battersea Power Station 10 Dec 97

Morrissey – Live at The Forum London 15 &16 Nov 99 & Introducing Morrissey

Morrissey – Live at Royal Albert Hall 18 Sep 02

Morrissey – Live at Meltdown Festival 25 Jun 04 (brilliant)

Morrissey – Live at Leeds Festival 29 Aug 04 & Glastonbury 27 Jun 04 & Craig Kilbourn TV Show

Morrissey - Live at The Move Festival 11 Jul 04

Morrissey - Live at Perth 3 Sep 04 & These Things Take Time – Smiths Documentary

Morrissey - Live at London Palladium 28 May 06

Morrissey - Live at Pinkpop 5 Jun 06

Morrissey - Rock Am Ring Jun 06

Morrissey - Live at Benaicassim Spain 22 Jul 06

Morrissey - Wembley 8 Dec 06

Morrissey - Live at Gmex 23 Dec 06

Morrissey – Live in Mexico 2006 private concert & AOL Sessions

Morrissey - Scottish Ringleader 2006 (mix from Dundee, Aberdeen, Greenock, Stirling and 3 bonus tunes from Paris Olympia – all extremely well put together.


The Smiths TV Appearances 83-87

The Smiths - Old Grey Whistle Test and Tube performances

The Importance of Being Morrissey/Smiths Southbank Show

The Smiths to Morrissey promo vids screened by VH1

Morrissey UK TV Vol 1

Morrissey US TV Vol 1

Morrissey Special Request Video made in US with interviews, soundcheck footage and promo films.

Morrissey TV Appearances 2006

Importance of Being Morrissey/The Smiths Live in Germany 1984 Rockpalast/The Smiths Rare and Exclusive Spanish Documentary


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Fantastic collection unlikely one. How would rate the quality on the shows??

many thanks

Unlikely One

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Some are poor cossy, particularly a couple of the older shows (Brighton) as these were filmed on pretty basic video eqipment of the day. Ive often wondered how they were filmed at all given the size of video cameras in those days. Of course many have been transferred to DVD from VHS which also reduces the quality a bit. Some are really excellent given the circumstances. Virtually all are very watchable though. I hate looking through them to copy or something because I end up watching most of the thing and losing track of time. If you wanted to know about the quality of a particular gig let me know.

Ive stuck some clips on youtube to give an idea. They can be accessed through this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YL2dkhFOBr8
which is Moz doing Suedehead in Santa Barbara moons ago.

The clips lose some quality when I rip them from the dvd and load them up so the dvd versions are better than the clips. The Pregnant clip I sent a link to is the worst clip quality that has yet occurred. Sorry!.

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