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Just poppin this in here in case you all don't frequent downloads. Absolutely minimal charges if you want anything listed and cant trade. Cheers all.

I am unsure if this is the correct forum, but anyway. Having concentrated on audio for what seems like a lifetime I have decided to try and assemble a little collection of dvds of Moz concerts and the like, but have no access to decent downloading bandwith. Its very much in its infancy at the moment hence the sparsity of titles, but if anyone would like to trade similar items for something from the list below please pm me. If you have nothing to trade then I am sure we can come to an arrangement which I am sure you will find agreeable. If your name is not generally known on here I would ask that your trade is forwarded first. Please don't ask to trade anything officially released. Straightforward I hope:

1. Importance of Being Morrissey/The Smiths Live in Germany 1985/The Smiths Rare and Exclusive German Documentary
2. The Smiths TV Appearances 83-87
3. Morrissey US TV Vol 1
4. Morrissey UK TV Vol 1
5. Morrissey TV 2006
6. Morrissey Live at Gmex 23 Dec 06 (thanks to mozmal - happy to send you anything on the list as thanks - just pm the address)
7. Morrissey Live at London Palladium 28 May 06
8. The Smiths to Morrissey promo vids screened by VH1
9. The Importance of Being Morrissey/Smiths Southbank Show
10. The Smiths - Old Grey Whistle Test and Tube performances
11. Morrissey Live Hammersmith 91 – from Japanese TV
12. Morrissey – Leeds Festival 04/Glastonbury 04/Craig Kilbourn
13. The Smiths – Derby Assembly Rooms/Hamburg/Rockpalast
14. Oasis – Gmex 97
15. Oasis – Maine Road 96 first night.
16. Morrissey Meltdown Festival 25 Jun 04 (brilliant quality)
17. Scottish Ringleader 2006 (mix from Dundee, Aberdeen, Greenock, Stirling and 3 bonus tunes from Paris Olympia – all extremely well put together.
18. Battersea Power Station 10 Dec 97
19. Royal Albert Hall 18 Sep 02


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Hi Unruly Boy,
I sent you a PM, I wonder if you noticed it,

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