Durham, NC - bysshe's "play by play" thread


lovable loser
She's in, Moz is on, she has a camera and a cell phone :cool:

Has there ever been a real-time concert/posting on solo? :D

He has on jeans and a pink shirt. :horny:

He opened with This Charming Man


Something is Squeezing my Skull

Black Cloud
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cheers for the updates
*is excited*

she really should be focusing on Moz, not texting. ;)
She snuck her camera in her bra :D Moz shots, bewb shots...whatever.

Corrissey - you crack me up!:lbf:

Good work Corrissey and Byesshe, what an excellent thread! It's giving me butterflies in my tummy!
me thinks that these songs wont be played in the u.k as most were played at hyde park gig in the summer
bysshes da bomb frinkinunison real time
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