Dunfermline, Scotland - Alhambra Theatre (June 20, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Alma Matters / Speedway / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Action Is My Middle Name / The Kid's A Looker / People Are The Same Everywhere / Satellite Of Love / I Know It's Over / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder / Irish Blood, English Heart // This Charming Man

set list provided by Liam Temple

Review: Morrissey – Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline 20 June 2011 - Jocknroll Ain't Noise Pollution
link posted by miseryguts

Morrissey - Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, Mon 20 June 2011 by Malcolm Jack, The List.
link from Kays
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H SY100

That was good. He was on good form. Crowd were up for it. Set list seemed to go down well.


Same set list as Dunoon I think but with ouija board and Irish blood different places in the set.

Mel Torment Ghost


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Glamorous Glue opener. Loch Ness shirt thrown in crowd. Jesse has a ? size of Ben Nevis. Very good gig!
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Awesome, much better crowd than Perth and could tell Morrissey and the band enjoyed the night, This Charming Man to close a fantastic evening with 'goodbye' played earlier in the set instead of as an encore. Missed the backing band in Perth but Brother were very decent.


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wow that was amazing. Set list was pretty much same as the last 3 gigs maybe just some songs in different places. Morrissey was on fine form I know it's over gave me chills. Really enjoyed the 3 new songs, action is my middle name, the kids a looker and people are the same everywhere, however Morrissey did comment that the crowd seemed to lose interest during them. Encore was this charming man. Anyone going to the rest of the gigs is in for a treat.


The opener was I Want The One I Cant Have! Cover was Satellite of Love after the three new tracks.

Liam Temple

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I Want the One I Can't Have
First of The Gang
You Have Killed Me
Everyday Is Like Sunday
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Alma Matters
One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
Action Is My Middle Name
The Kid's A Looker
People Are The Same Everywhere
Satelitte of Love
I Know It's Over
Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Ouija Board
Meat Is Murder
Irish Blood, English Heart
Encore: This Charming Man


My secret's my enzyme.

This video is kind of hilarious. I think the person taking it was either getting sleepy or trying to make an action movie out of it. :D
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charles kiersten

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Not quite just back. Went to a few bars after. It was amazing. Morrissey please come again. It was far better than the Caird Hall. The crowd showed you that for sure, and I think Morrissey seen that for himself.
I have now been to Perth and Dunfermline and I cant believe these anonymous people keep saying hes shit.
I think having been to every tour since 1990 that we are now witnessing the very best yet.
OK hope everyone has a good concert down south and abroad, I have had my quota now.
The message from myself is you are in for a real treat.
P.S.. Please do not wear anything warm, you will only sweat.
Goodnight and thank you.


My secret's my enzyme.
I do want to say, also, that is voice is sounding spectacular. I'm just judging from youtube clips, but I think it sounds very strong and terrific. I was nervous it was "scratchy" during the BBC session, but on stage, so lovely. Hope he's nursing it however he's supposed to before and after. I knew an opera singer and she;d come into the store and wouldn;t say a word because she had a performance that night, just sign language and writing hello on a piece of paper. Maybe that;s why he doesn;t talk when people ask him to sign stuff.


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Just back home in Dunfermline from dropping off a couple of friends in Edinburgh and I have to say tonight's gig surpassed my expectations.

While Brother were competent enough, I much preferred the pre-Morrissey video show. Great to see so many favourites from my radio show. I look forward to giving some of them another spin soon.

A great night, with a great crowd.
has anyone noticed it was a different background tonight?

charles kiersten

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Yeah you are right, the crowd really absorbed him tonight, people were up for it and Morrissey responded. He made an inaudible comment to me; during the new songs that the crowd had went a bit quiet, "but thats OK"
I think Morrissey needs to have his audience put the same effort in to the event as he does, otherwise its run of the mill.
Tonight was not such a night.


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Very interesting!

Great venue. Nice and steep ground floor. Different back drop to Perth. Support band also different to Perth - Brother - They were a bit too enthusiastic for a Mozzer support! The singers patter was appalling - Yes we are alright, thanks for asking!

Much better than Perth, the last gig I went to. The first half is superb, an excellent choice of songs - Really loud which was lacking in Perth. Moz seemed a bit more up for it as well. It does drop midway with the three new songs, the last of which was barely audible and seemed to bewilder a large amount of the audience myself included.

I Know It's Over - The highlight of the night - Don't shorten it though please!

Meat Is Murder was more powerful than ever - There was even a wee fight broke out in fromt of me as some numb nut shouted something during one of the songs quieter moments. A few folk trying to get on the stage which is another thing that elevates this gig above the Perth one.

This Charming Man encore was good albeit not as subtle as the original version.

Bring On Hawick.

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