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If he did anything with Nobbie Williams I'd be gutted because I personally find him to be a complete prick.

I'd LOVE Morrissey to do a duet with Tim Booth formerly of James. I am biased but their vocals would compliment each other very nicely. It would also be something of a blast from the past as they were supposed to have been mates years ago. James supported The Smiths and it's said there was was much mutual respect between the two vocalists. They are with the same label and haven't seen each other for years. Booth said he wouldn't mind seeing him again but I don't suppose he was dropping a subtle hint at any future collaboration. Booth and Morrissey- we LOVE it when our friends become successful!


OK, if it can't be Robbie, may it be Ewan McGregor :D
Hey people, what actor do you think could play Moz? It just popped into my head, I can't start another thread... Will someone do that for me pls :p


Robert Neville said:
Who , If Anyone, Should Morrissey Do A Duet With .

I Vote Robbie Williams - Both Got A Lot Of Energy On Stage

I've got to admit there's some damned strong hallucinogenics out of those streets nowadays. :eek:
Not a duet, but I'd reaIIy Iove it if Moz made a coIIaboration aIbum with bassist John PauI Jones of Ied ZeppIin,,,,,,this guy coIIaborated with avant-garde singer Diamanda GaIas in 1994 and recorded an aIbum "The Sporting Iife" which is to me one of the best bass-induced recordings ever and my personaI favorite CD to Iisten to in my car whiIe driving on the highway[awsome/intense sound and powerfuI voice!] He totaIIy brought her out of her eIement away from gIoomy piano/soprano/theatrics [AIDS reIated materiaI] and recorded a great upbeat aIbum about maniacaI Iove and homocide.
I'd be interesting see what Moz and JPJ couId come up with together, I beIieve that Moz' voice wouId sound awsome acompanied by this type of music.

PS- Joaquin Phoenix is the onIy actor I can come up with to pIay Moz, he's too oId though, to pIay him during the Smiths and earIy SoIo era! There's reaIIy no young actor charismatic and taIented enough to pIay young Moz,,,,,I'd probabIy have to be an obscure actor with the physicaI characteristcs.


Oi Steve..stop it
Tim Booth indeed
Brian Setzer :o (keep on dreaming)
Bowie again
Jello Biafra (oh these dreams..)
Brett Anderson
David Johansson (that would be quite wild)


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chetthespian said:
Cat Power or Colin Meloy.

Colin Meloy would be amazing! They could do completely acoustic sets, something which I've always wished Moz would do.


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what did you think of the duet with BOWIE??
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