Dubya Countdown


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Countdown to January 20, 2009!! Post your fondest farewells here. ;)

George W. Bush, don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out!! :angry: On second thought, please do!!

As of November 7, 2008 at 17:57:34 EST
Dubya will be in office for another:
0.201 years or
2.62 months or
10.46 weeks or
73.25 days or
1,758.0 hours or
105,482.4 minutes or
6,328,946 seconds

He has 5.01% of his term left.


Kilt Uncle

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Have a drink George and a big bag of Pretzels...:)

Kilt Uncle

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Someone should put together a dvd of all his verbal gaffes.Boy that would be a laugh.


Not Stirred
Good riddance. The tragedy is that he will never spend a day in court. At the very least, those of us who are alive have the responsibility of making sure his legacy is never rehabilitated, and to learn the lesson that should have been learned from the Nixon administration, that it is not only our RIGHT, but our OBLIGATION to oppose and punish gross abuses of power, and to make sure the next generation learns it, too.


American Expatriate
Here is one of many...
I think Bush knew he was not qualified to be president and just had fun with it. People probably approached him and said, \"look, we need you to be president, you sit there and we tell you what to do.\" And so Bush became president. He had to talk to the press and he absolutely succeeded. Succeeded in being a comedian.
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Here's one of many...
the whole "OBGYNs cant practice their love with women" line is my favorite, ever.

I saw video of Obama visiting the White House today. a group of 1,000 people came to the White House gate to CHEER, haha....instead of PROTEST! now THAT'S change we can believe in. ;)

oh and speaking of change...apparently one of the first things Obama wants to do in office is close down Guantanamo. go 'Bama. :cool:
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Dow Jones

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I kinda hope he gets his own TV show, just so I can continue to laugh at that stupid smirk right before he says something he thinks is funny.
bush did 9/11 bush dumb cheney evil hey hey hey goodbye thanks for nothing
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