Dublin - Vicar Street (July 30, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / You're The One For Me, Fatty / You Have Killed Me / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / The Kid's A Looker / Scandinavia / Come Back To Camden / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Meat is Murder / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Know It's Over / First Of The Gang To Die / People Are The Same Everywhere / Action Is My Middle Name / Speedway // Irish Blood, English Heart

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Does anybody here moaning about the setlist really live in the real world? It's his gig, he sings what HE wants to sing. Do you really know any other singers that would sing a forgotten 12" b-side from 1989?
Close this site down, you are all filthy scummers!
You can be save that he dug it out because of the recent discussion to divert it to the song.

You do realize that the band have been sound-checking 'Come Back to Camden' since the English gigs a few weeks ago?
Sounds like a really great show, that's to everyone who's posted comments relating to the gig!
It's always great to see Moz!
Highlights for me:
1. Come Back to Camden
2. Everyday is like Sunday (excellent version)
3. I Know It's Over
4. Speedway (not mad on the song but this version was deadly!)
1. Your the One for Me Fatty
2. The general repetition of some of these songs.
3. Lengh of gig - a tad short 75 mins.

Anyone notice he messed up with lyrics on the first verse First of the Gang?

Also, chatting to a young Brazillian guy in the crowd, his first Moz gig. He was chuffed! He said if Moz played Brazil he'd fill an 80,000 stadium. And Moz hasn't played there in 17 years. All news to me.
"Thank you! He's singing flat, so I'm glad I missed this"

Well it wasnt played flat and I shared for the few people on here who give a shit not the Anonymous ones.

Your welcome

Thank You SO much for sharing that with us. Instant tears! I wish I could have been there to experience Camden...

“Well David...maybe you should shut the site down. What's the point in keeping it up knowing how much he dislikes you - and obviously the majority of us who post here (even those of us who have been true to Morrissey for all these years. Including the wilderness years). If no one can post concert updates here, he will find it difficult to read else where what his fans really like and don't like about his shows...but then maybe he really just doesn't give a shit about what we think. He can support true to you all he wants, but its virtually non-existent unless someone posts that he's made a statement.

Um....yeah...you deserve a refund. And, no, you shouldn't have to take it up with the band. What happened to you tonight is silly and absurd. I love Morrissey, but this is unreasonable. You have posted in the past stories that maybe you shouldn't have. You have supported Joyce by posting stories related to him just recently, but to eject you out of a show you paid to see is a bit much. Not only were you ejected but bullied! What the Hell?

I'm not anti-Julia by no means. She seems nice enough, but she's not ever going to be one to "share" Morrissey, so to speak, and I think he gives her too much credit - which is sad, really.

Other sites like allyouneedismorrissey are great, but, truth be known, this is the site everyone comes to for Morrissey news and updates...whether he likes it or not.

It's all just...ridiculous.“

I’m going to keep on seeking you out and exposing you until you apologize to Morrissey. You know what you’ve done.

I’m waiting. *shaking head*

Sick down to my heart.
Good Morning Mr. Happy: 91X San Diego & Steve West play Morrissey every Sunday a.m. Most requested, Most remembered & most loved.......That's you MOZ... Ofcorse!
I want Jesse to be mine. He is so wonderful and gorgeous and just a total dreamboat. And when he plays that guitar of his, I feel my heart bursting in merriment. His talent is indescribable and Alain and Boz and Johnny are just poor substitutes for him.
I want to listen to him endlessly and wish I could lie on a beach with him as he plays his guitar and I stare dreamily into his eyes.
I want to know all he is feeling as he seems so tender and gentle and I know that is why Morrissey loves him too.
Who could not love Jesse? His talent, his strength, his fearless nature.
I want him to be my protector, my savior, my angel.
Someday I hope I can be with him so he can tell me what exactly he’s ever written.
I want to have Jesse’s baby. I need him. I want hi. Imagine how wonderful his baby will look. How talented they will be. I want to have 10 of his children as they will change the world. They will be the next generation of brilliant musicians.
I don’t want Alain’s child as he’s a nobody. I don’t want Johnny’s as he is a has been and I don’t want to have Boz’s child as why have Boz‘s if you can Jesse‘s.
Jesse is so amazing. I can’t stop listening to his haunting melodies, his moving bass lines, his delicate rhythm.
Every band in the whole world should have Jesse write their music.
I am staring at his picture right now so now I know who he is and that makes me love him even more.
I feel so alive at the mere thought of him. He has so much talent it makes me cry.
He should write for everyone Morrissey loves. He should write for Kristeen Young, something real loud to drown out her voice and for Damien Dempsey, also real loud to drown out his words.
I see Jesse everywhere. When I eat at KFC, every chicken mcnugget I eat looks like Jesse’s face.
I want his child. I want to carry his seed in my womb. I want to sit around the fire with him someday with our children all around us for story time as he pulls us all together to explain why he mattered once.
Gig was great! Thought Moz was on top form and his voice seemed in good nick. Place was packed to the rafters but I could still see alright from the middle of the crowd. Liked the set more than I expected. Not a lot of banter between songs but I can live with that! Open letter to chap standing beside me: Dear fat sweaty darkhaired man in a black suitjacket. Your attempts to start a football chant were shite. Also, I don't mind you singing along but I didn't pay 50 quid to have you bellowing in my ear like a wounded rhino. You elbowed me about 7 times and carried on like a 2 year old about to wet their pants. Great gig nonetheless. Sarah

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