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joe frady

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The Café Bar near The Headline Pub also comes recommended for those seeking pre-gig pints.
...or just some pre-gig shelter!
This feckin' weather's murder on the auld quiff :eek:

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...or just some pre-gig shelter!
This feckin' weather's murder on the auld quiff :eek:

The sun is shining and blue skies outside my office window, and I'm about 30 minutes walk from the venue! Mind you, 'twas raining heavily up to recently. The usual four seasons in one day.

Hope your quiff stays erect. :thumb:

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Only hours to go!
My first ever Morrisey gig was in the same venue, oh so many years ago.
Think this one is gonna be a goodie, he always gives it wellie in Dublin town!


Have a great night and enjoy the craic as ever.
Oh, you are a star! Thanks.


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Right off to the Headline Bar and on to the gig.Reports to follow



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Have a great time Dublin!:guitar:


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Surely he could offer a discount for Swords locals ?

I am just back from the concert at the national stadium. Absolutely perfect! He even asked "Anybody from Swords here?" Great gig, although I wish he had played more classics. Still, incredible performance. The band are great also, that Gustavo the new pianist is quite good.


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I got the FIRST Moz handshake in the National Stadium...:)


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great gig definitely one of my favourites. I hope someone got a picture of the love heart of sweat on Morrissey's back? how funny was that? :)
Highlights for me were "Is it really so strange?" "because of my poor education" "teenage dad on his estate" and "the loop."

I thought when he came on first he looked tired, and it seemed to be the audience that energised him and he soon got into a playful mood. Aer Fungus reference was very similar to comments he made over 3 years ago at the INEC in Killarney, if i remember correctly he said they had caused his cold on that occasion and last night he stated they don't like people. Let's hope he never travels with Ryanair :p

Not to focus on the negatives by any means but two things I was wondering about. At one point in the show, possiby during "Don't make fun of daddy's voice" Boz stopped playing and was motioning to someone in the crowd making a fist mouthing what looked like "f***in don't." I couldn't seem to figure out what that was about. Also for the encore it seemed like Boz was having trouble with his amp and then banged down his guitar on it, then leaned over on his guitar for over a minute looking very pale and sick. Anyone else notice this? I was worried for him. He also seems to have got a few new guitars if I'm not mistaken.

All in all, a great night. The new material from Doll and the Kicks is also superb. It is late and, this here is my bed and I must lie.

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Oh well.Enough said.
Great night all round,I was lucky enough to get a handshake and a piece of shirt.:)

Here's a few snaps ::



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