Drunk Marr - Strangeways recording sessions

Think it was first night of Strangeways session and Marr was doing A Rush And A Push.

Street has told that a few times in interviews. Books - Songs That Saved, Mozpaedia, maybe one of the Rogans (The Albums one?). Would have to check.
I thought it was just when the Smiths were jamming in the studio -- they were playing something that was edgier than usual. I think you got the quote right but I could be wrong.
I don't think Marr was actually drunk DURING a session for one of the songs. Just in the studio around the time of the sessions.

Near the completion of 'Strangeways' (or possibly immediately afterwards), there were occurrences when Moz himself came into the studio drunk, saying to Marr something along the lines of, 'Okay, let's do it,' to which Marr would frustratedly respond, 'Do what? There are no more songs.' Struggle to come up with B-sides for 'Girlfriend in A Coma' led to the lazy, breezy 'I Keep Mine Hidden.'

Thinking back on how Moz/Marr wanted to be a veritable Leiber/Stroller, these times are saddening because after 'Strangeways' was recorded it seemed to be the disintegration of that dream.. :(
It was something to do with when Johnny was working out the keyboard part at the beginning of A Rush And A Push and he was a little drunk,Apparently he shouted up through the intercom something like :' Hey Streety,You dont like this do you? You like us to sound all jingly jangly '.
Its quoted in both of the Simon Goddard books.
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