Drums Review cites Morrissey



"...The phrase “love it or hate it” rarely is a true generalization. If you are speaking of a movie or album, love it or hate it means there are two correct ways to interpret the quality of the piece, with both holding some merit, and does not really connote any amount of enthusiasm, which love and hate usually should. You could say “think it is good or think it could be better” and mean essentially the same thing, but without some of the dramatic urgency. So what am I getting at? No, I don’t think The Drums is a love it or hate it record. But the parallel I draw in is how you take the full-length debut, because this is a record that greatly depends on what you believe the intent is. There are two ways to look at it, and it affects your opinion of the record, big time.

The Drums, from Brooklyn, may be offering a debut LP, but this is not their first time buying vintage stage clothes, as singer Jonathan Pierce is a veteran of the scene, formerly fronting the similar but grander bands Goat Explosion and Elkland (yeah, I know they were the same band, but I was trying not to confuse you all with egregious history, but well, too late). After the disbanding of the latter, The Drums began with a less arena-ready, more CMJ aesthetic, realizing that though their sound may be able to fill an arena, and their name never would. So here The Drums are, having garnered a significant amount of buzz from a quite good EP, from which “Let’s Go Surfing!” and “Down By The Water” are taken. And based on the album alone, with no understanding of who they are, it is a successful and fun record of goofy takes on an alternate reality Morrissey in which he turned the gloom way up and the British way down..."

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