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Hey ho. Can anyone here recommend some good drum-machine software? As realistic as possible. I want to generate some drum tracks for a band I'm with, and we're really struggling to find a drummer, so technology to the rescue. Hopefully.




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Explore you tube there's usually plenty of demonstrations on there for most software packages. look at Battery 3, this is an area where the likes of the piratebay.org comes into its own, as it's expensive if you get a descision wrong on this software, steal it, try it, then buy it when you know its right for you.


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I like the Abbey Road drum software Native Instruments have put out. They have them for each era. Quite easy to find on torrent sites and what not too. Never used it live though so not sure how it copes with that.


In my experience and from reading my friend's secondhand production magazines like Mix, you're going to have a hard time making electronic drums sound real. A drummer is going to play with slight variations in volume and time, in addition to switching patterns intuitively, and to get this in something like FL you're going to have to punch in each attack, or create a pattern though copy-paste of many bars and then go in and alter them.

At the same time you'll have to keep the song in mind as to what happens specifically in each bar, or group of 4, 8, or 16, so you know when to change the pattern or make a different emphasis as you get into pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, etc.

It gets really complicated if you want to do it realistically. You're going to have a learning curve on whatever software you choose. It's worth it because you'll have a tool for songwriting, and you might get interested in making a different kind of music by the time you're done.

All this is to say that you're going to have to settle, and use this as a songwriting tool mostly. Anything you do in performance is going to sound like a drum machine. So it's a question of philosophy. I think that with all the time and effort you will spend learning a new software and creating realistic tracks you might be better off to find a drummer if you want realism. On the other hand, if you are going to use a drum machine/software, why not go for it and become the next Kraftwerk/DEVO/Depeche Mode/New Order ?


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I'm trialling PCDrummer - it looks simple enough to use. I just want something that sounds reasonable in the studio. I'm going to do a drum track for Shot By Bith Sides and see how it turns out.

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