Dr Who tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Birkin

Did any of you watch tonight's episode? the best episode ever imo, just when i thought this series was losing it , they go and write the best storyline ever.
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slum mum 1974

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I recorded it, so don't tell yet, ok? Please...:)
it really twist the whole idea of giving him a normal life here on earth....but the aliens were crap thou.... scarecrows:rolleyes: yes it was very good, and another companion falling in love with him, this never happen to Tom Baker:p

Jane Birkin

:D I didn't know, shit, I would have watched that.

it was the second ep of a two parter so you'll have to watch last week's ep first.
first episode to make me cry since the battle of canary wharf in season 2.


on the moors
i loved it, but i was watching it with 2 mates who hadn't seen the first part so they kept on asking me what was going on, which got annoying!
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