[Download] Morrissey - Wolverhampton - 1988.12.22 - Silas Remaster


Originally, I wanted to combine the soundboard audio to the tictac video. However, after several attempts I was not satisfied with the quality of the video. You can look at my previous posts to see why.

For now, at least, I was able to make some significant improvements to the tictac video:

  • Fixed right-left stereo disparity
  • Widened stereo range
  • Applied multi-band compressor
  • Upscaled video to 720p
  • Applied Dolby Digital Surround 2.0
Hopefully, @DavidA will add this to the main Smiths repository.

Ignore previous for the moment.
I can see a copy shared on December 1 attached to the archive - it may be a shared, imported link as opposed to a direct download.
I'll leave @DavidA to sort :)
remaster wolverhampton
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